Chapter 38

“Laritte, don’t you want to attend the banquet?”

Now that Rose was spreading rumors, Ian had to state Laritte’s official position as soon as possible.

It wouldn’t be as effective as going out into the community.

Ian picked up an invitation.

“I will show everyone that you’re my only Duchess.
Including you, who still doesn’t believe it.”

First of all, dresses and jewelry would be needed.

And, he had to collect some precious things that would make Rose boil.


《 In two days, I will be going to shop for the event, so be prepared.

I would not forget to get you this time.

Ian had locked himself again in his office, leaving those words to her.
He had to make time in order to attend the party.

Laritte had to spend another couple of days alone.

But now, she wasn’t nervous.

She was now comfortable at accepting the favors shown by the employees.

She could have a baby.

She would not have to fight the policy of the government.

Under the Duchy of Ian Reinhardt, the belief that the duchess would only be her was established in her mind.


Two days later, in Laritte’s bedroom.

The beam of sunlight reached her bed and tickled her closed lids.

The white cat was on the bed.

Thanks to her, Laritte had fallen into a deep slumber.

She called out in a drowsy voice.



“……Lavingenis von Alexandria Anges.”

Nevertheless, she liked calling the feline by such a long name.

Butterfly’s residence was now Laritte’s room.

The cat would freely wander in and out of the mansion, but it would return to the room whenever it felt sleepy.

Laritte sat up, letting her fluffy hair fall carelessly on the side of her face.

She reached out to the cat, but it went down the bed with a grotesque cry.

As Laritte was familiar with the reaction, she yawned before asking the cat if it slept well.

“When are you going to let me touch you?”


“Yes, yes, I have to get up now.”

Her room was small, but it received a large amount of sunlight.

Maybe that’s why it was usually quiet and then noisy within a few minutes of a visit.

“I’m going in!”

“Where in the world does a nobleman burst into a door like this in the morning?”

“Is Laritte a stranger, Nanny?”

“Whatever! Where did you send the doctor away? Alice, hold the Duke!”

“Since when have you been stopping your master like this?”

Ian and Ava were grumbling outside her door.

Laritte, who still hadn’t left the bed, blinked in confusion.

Ava asked in a soft voice through the crack of the door.

“Madam, are you awake?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Then, please excuse me for a moment.”

The door opened a little, letting the old woman slip in before it was shut immediately.

Beyond the door, Laritte saw a sun-dark skinned person looming.

It was Ian.

“Good morning, ma’am.
How was the night? It wasn’t that cold, was it? It’s the temperature here that I’m very concerned about.”


“The Duke suddenly came out of nowhere! Let me help you wash your face before the Duke comes in.
Or should I tell him to go away?”

“…….No, you don’t have to.”

Ava’s eyes widened at Laritte’s remark as if she hadn’t seen anyone nicer than her.

Laritte felt burdened, but she didn’t feel bad.

By the time Ava was wiping Laritte’s face dry with a damp cloth, Ian burst through the door, pushing the twin maids aside.


Ava shouted back at him.


Her demeanor was strong enough to challenge the Swordmaster.

Ian strode undaunted into the room.

“You’re overreacting, Nanny.
What is wrong with you?”

“Who would want to greet someone as soon as they wake up? This is too much!”

“Of course it was too much because I’ve stayed up all night working.
And Laritte too……”

Ian’s eyes turned to Laritte, who was sitting on the bed with a blank face.

With her disheveled hair, her freshened up face, her plump lips, and half-lidded ocean blue eyes, she was staring at him silently.

The silky night dress was more luminous with her unique gloss.

Ian hesitated, and his face hardened as if he was caught breaking something.


She is?

Her head tilted sideways with an unspoken question.

He gulped, turning his head away from her.

A word was threatening to bounce off his lips, but it wasn’t a pretty one.

In a way, he managed to keep his mouth shut.

“……….S-She’s not as picky as a nanny who’s over sixty.”

Ava, who was quietly listening, snorted.

She knew what he was going to say.

Instead of teasing him, she turned to leave them alone.

Laritte said in a dry voice while looking at Ava’s back, who momentarily disappeared behind the door.

“Long time no see.”

“You’re not mad again, are you?”

“I’ve never been angry…..”

Her voice trailed off.

She had never been like that before.

“I didn’t forget to see you today.
Let’s go see a dress for my Duchess.”

There were many famous boutiques in the town of Duchy.

Wherever he would go, he would be able to get the finest dress for her.

“We can call the merchant here for the jewelry and accessories.
Let’s go have a look around in a dress boutique.”

However, this was the first time for Laritte to go out.

Ian had woken up early and was already dressed up, but Laritta was still in her night dress, and her hair was messy.

The twin maids, Alice and Irene, pushed Ian out of the room, asking for a moment.

Then, they started preparing her with a fuss.

After appearing from the bathroom, she was frightened to see a mount of dresses laying on her bed.

The twin girls kept putting the clothes on top of her, all for her outing.

“Couldn’t I just get out in my usual attire?”

She quietly held up her opinion, but Alice shook her head firmly.

“You’re finally going out for the first time.
I can’t just let you go like this!”

“Goodness, Alice.
Were these all the clothes? You’ve taken all those out of the closet, right?”

“Of course! Ma’am, you can shop as much as we want today! Another word for spring is that it is the season of shopping.”

Irene turned to Alice in confusion, as if questioning ‘who said that?’

Alice shrugged her shoulders after contemplating for a while.
‘Didn’t I just do that?’

Colorful clothes and accessories were hung in front of Laritte.

It wasn’t until a few decades later that the two finally freed Laritte from their grasps and pushed her gently in front of the mirror.

“How is it, madam?”

Since Ian was waiting outside, they did want to make no further delay.

Their eyes were filled with regret in the reflection, but Laritte was surprised.

Laritte awkwardly touched the white veil that came down in front of her eyes.

In the Iassa Empire, hats with veils were considered luxurious.

A woman wearing a veil outside.
One in every ten women wore them to show that they were from the higher class of aristocracy.

“……Very luxurious.”

Alice smiled brightly, closing her eyes in contentment.

“We can’t ignore the sunlight just because it’s spring.
Your skin is precious, my lady.”

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“You’re very warm, Alice.”

It was really the time to go out.

A carriage was waiting as the twin maids guided Laritte to the front gate.

Ian, who was staring at the front, glanced back when he felt her arrival.

His mouth fell open as his eyes blankly gazed at her.

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