Chapter 35

After she finished her dessert, Ava told Laritte.

“Now let me introduce you to the employees, madam.”

Ian moved opposite to the direction where Ava went before glancing left and right.

“Isn’t Ian joining us?”

He replied awkwardly.

“I have a lot of work……so Ava will introduce you to them alone.
Take a good rest.
I’ll see you again tomorrow, Laritte.”

He really had a lot of work to finish.

Even now, when it wasn’t time for him to eat leisurely, he had to give some of his time to her.

Unaware of that, she was hoping to be with him.

Unfortunately, they had separate rooms.

He didn’t mean anything else when he said he’d see her again the next day.

‘Well, who would want to sleep with a girl like me?’

There was no noble, but an illegitimate child.

She was nothing to the grand family, whose power was comparable to that of the royal family.

The Iassa Empire believed in monogamy, and the government was openly created under it.

An illegitimate child born from a noble was different from one with the blood of a commoner.

If there ever was a problem, it was taken care of by the government.

Including the cases of not being able to have children, and not being allowed to have children.

“Madam, these are the girls who will serve you.
I hope you like them since I have chosen you the most pensive servants.”

But Laritte was busy thinking about something else.

‘I’m not here to give birth.
I should be thankful for this.’

How fortunate it was that Ian gracefully allowed her to live in comfort here.

She would have to be grateful to him for the rest of her life as he had entrusted her with the title of the Duchess.

As she was lost in her own thoughts, two young maids greeted her.

“Greetings, madam! My name is Alice.”
“I’m Irene.
As you can see, we’re twins!”

The two looked alike.

The only thing that was different between them was Alice had long hair and Irene had short hair.

“I’m so happy to serve you.
I was mesmerized by your beauty when I first saw you, madam.”
“Of course, you wouldn’t recall us because you were asleep!”

They were charming and friendly.

Laritte slightly bowed to them.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”
“Oh my gosh! You don’t have to respect us.
I don’t know about nanny, but we’re just maids.”
“Let me introduce the other maids.
They’re all waiting.”

Kitchen maid, maid in charge of the house annex, maid in charge of the rose garden……..

Every one of them was kind to Laritte, the illegitimate child.

One of the maids was an orphan who had no choice but to join the Duchy.

Some people had a history of stealing to satisfy their hunger before they entered the Dukedom.

Under the mercy of Ian’s mother, Selena, there was no one to discriminate against Laritte.

Ava also introduced other people.

“Next, madam, the Knights of Reinhardt are from every corner of the continent.”

As she went down the stairs, she could see a wide ground ahead.

In the training field, the targets, woven with straws, were arranged in an orderly manner.

The smell of earth reached her nose.

The flag with the red crest of Reinhardt was fluttering vigorously in the breeze.

“To the Madam!”

The knights gathered in one place, following the call.

They looked up at Laritte, tapping their feet on the ground in unison.

Thud! Thud!

They came to a halt, thumping their right foot.

Laritte, unknown to the ways of the knights, was so nervous that her heart was pounding.

“Everyone, salute!”

They bowed their heads in unison.

When they came to a pause, she realized she had to do something.

“……Nice to meet you?”

Only after she spoke did the knights raise their heads.

Everyone was smiling.
The tense in the air before was nowhere to be found.

They brightly declared.

“We are very glad to meet you, Madam!”

In fact, even as a knight, they were extremely anxious.

But to an illegitimate child?

The knights who were gathered here now were commoners, so they were not discriminatory.

However, the hardest thing to do was be unruly.

But her one word made them relax.

‘Look at you, crying your head out.’
‘I think she’s kind!’

The knights, surrounding her, whispered to each other.

“I’ve been a knight since my father’s time, so I know what kind of people have been here…….”
“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to see you, madam, haha!”

“You can’t say that, man!”

Her eyes swirled in confusion.

Were the knights supposed to be this kind and informal?

“You have a lot….to comment.”

She innocently spoke up.

The knights paused, bursting into laughter.

“Don’t talk like that, you weenies!”
“I apologize, madam.
Actually, we’re commoners, so we’re awkward with formalities.”

She was the one who was surprised by their words.

There were not many knights that were commoners.
Most of the prestigious knights were aristocrats, she thought.

It was due to the reason that they received an elite education ever since they were young because they were born in a good family.

“All of the knights are commoners?”
“Not all…..
Actually, we don’t even make two-fifths of the original number.”

At the time when Ian was charged or treason, talented knights could be allowed to enter other families.

However, the chauffeur, who had no connections, could not go anywhere.

As long as he worked under the Reinhardt family, the label of the treasonous family followed him.

“Thanks to that, we were able to return as soon as the Duke returned.
So everyone you see here is a commoner.”
“Are those who didn’t make it back coming soon?”
“It’s only because of the contractual issues…… There’s no one who won’t come back, but it won’t be until after one moon.”

Embarrassed, they glanced at each other.

In fact, for Laritte, the later the aristocratic knights arrived, the better.

Because it wouldn’t be easy for them to accept an illegitimate child as their lady.

Aristocratic knights such as Redra and Theophilus, who were once in that mansion.

However, Ian had been dispatched to various parts of the Duchy to take care of his work, leaving the mansion empty.

“Madam, Madam.
Let me take you to your room! Have I told you how hard it was to clean the oak window frame to make it glossy?”

Laritte walked into her room in the warmth and hospitality of her employees.

Irene and Alice, the twins, wiped off Laritte’s body.

Even when the two were an exact copy of each other, the other maids could distinguish them by the difference in their hair length.

Their personalities were similar, but both of them were so passionate and talkative that Laritte was sweating.

The two of them constantly kept chatting while watching Laritte.

About the people she met today, about what they did, and what else she could do the next day…..

It was too much for her.

But somehow, her shoulders drooped in sadness.

She would never be able to bear the future of the Duke.

She was never interested in having children because she never had a good family herself.

She sighed, thinking Ian would have to contact the government.

Was she jealous?

No, it was because of the rule.

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Thinking about arguing with someone again made her feel tired psychologically.

“Madam, it’s time for your bed.
You can ring the bell anytime, I will be here whenever you’ll need me!”

Alice and Irene covered the sheets over Laritte, who lied down on the bed.

They were acting so careful, as if taking care of a child.

But, Laritte stayed up all night with her eyes wide open.

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