akuramiya-sensei’s expression was hardening rapidly.
She was showing signs of disturbance as her eyes were trembling a lot.

“What? There’s no such thing like that.”

“Definitely, there are not enough chits in it.
I think it’s probably two short,”

I don’t think that’s possible.”

“Can I check then?”

“Well, um…”

“It’s fine right, Sakuramiya-sensei~♪”


Wow, Sakuramiya-sensei would easily be defeated by Shinosuka-san’s gaze so quickly.

She could have handled it more smoothly with some clever words, but she was overwhelmed by Shinozuka-san’s pressure.

Shinozuka-san after getting the affirmation to check the chit, counted the contents of the box and put them on the teacher’s desk.
She finished counting in less than 10 seconds and smiled bitterly.

“Oh, there’s only 38 as I thought.
Look for yourself, Sakuramiya-sensei.”

“Th-this is strange… maybe I dropped it somewhere…”

Sakuramiya-sensei was sweating profusely as she explained.

As I was wondering if she could have lied more skillfully, Shinozuka-san approached Sakuramiya-sensei.

She put her finger on her lips and whispered something to her in a barely audible voice to those who were close to them.

“—Well, if you’re going to do it, do it more skillfully, otherwise…”

But I couldn’t hear what she was saying from this distance.
No, I wouldn’t have been able to hear it even if I were in the front row.

Sakuramiya-sensei opened her eyes wide when she heard those words and cast her gaze sideways in embarrassment.

W-what… what’s this about?”

“Nothing, let’s make the lottery again.
I’ll help too,”

“Thank you… that will certainly help.”

Shinozuka-san returned to her usual bright smile and clapped her hands together to reorganize everything.
I wonder what she told sensei.

In any case, since Shinozuka-san noticed that there were not enough lotteries, it was decided to make them again.
The 7th and 35th lotteries that were hidden in my pocket seem to have no chance of being drawn.

Without cheating, we will have to change seats again.

“If we draw by attendance number, it seems to take a lot of time, so can we draw by row?”

“Oh, yes.
That’s fine.”

Since the number of lotteries was pointed out, Sakuramiya-sensei was unable to look up at Shinozuka-san.

We will draw lotteries row by row from the window side.
Well, if we draw by attendance number, it is difficult to know which person drew the lottery in the middle.
Drawing by row is definitely more efficient.

My turn came and I drew a lottery.
The expression on the face of Sakuramiya-sensei, who was sitting in front of the teacher’s desk, was like a boxer who lost the match.
She was dejected and her head was loosely hung as she looked down.

Fortunately, the classroom was moderately noisy.
If I talk to Sakuramiya-sensei in a low voice, there should be no problem.

“Is… is everything okay? Sakuramiya-sensei.”

“In the end, my shallow wisdom is… that’s all it is… haha”

“Ah, don’t get too down.
You’ll be suspicious.”

“E-even if you say that…”

“Basically, think about it statistically.
Even if we draw lotteries normally, the probability of me and Shinozuka-san sitting next to each other is low.
It’s almost impossible.”


So please relax.”

I smiled softly and drew the lottery.

I checked the folded paper.
…It was number 7.

The last seat by the window.
The seat I am sitting in now.
It was purely a god-like draw.

The corners of my mouth unconsciously relaxed as I got my favorite seat.
I then wrote my name on the seat number 7 written on the blackboard.

After I was done with the formalities, I returned to my seat with light steps, and Shinozuka-san made eye contact with me.

“Welcome back Minato-kun.
We’re in the same seat again.
Good luck.”

“Oh, I was lucky.”

Soon, Shinozuka’s turn came closer and she stood up from her seat.

It looks like seat number 14 is still available.”

Seat number 14… is next to me.
It is also the seat that Shinozuka is sitting in now.

However, there are still a lot of lotteries left at this stage.
It is difficult to draw seat number 14 intentionally.

But, Shinozuka looked back at me once and told me with a smile.

“I’ll draw seat number 14.”

“No, it’s not something you can draw just because you want to.”

“Maybe not.
I’ll show you a new magic that allows you to freely draw what you want, Minato-kun.”

“What? Such a thing is not possible—”

While I looked at her with skeptical eyes, Shinozuka drew a lottery in front of the teacher’s desk.

I watched her, but there was no sign of cheating.

However, when she picked up a lottery, she started writing her name on seat number 14.

…What? Seriously… she really drew it…

While I was staring at this scene in amazement, I noticed that Sakuramiya-san was looking at me.

She mumbled a word from her mouth which only I could understand, and that was ‘liar.’

I did say that the probability of me and Shinozuka-san sitting next to each other was almost impossible…

But, in the seat change, we ended up sitting next to each other again yet again…


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