I might be a little weird.”

“I already think you’re pretty weird.”

“Ouch! No, I mean… Ever since you declared that you’d be my boyfriend, I can’t stop thinking about you… I’ve been thinking about you all the time.”

Right now, the location hasn’t changed, we’re still in the living room.

Sakuramiya-sensei and I were sitting next to each other on the sofa.
By the way, Sakuramiya-sensei had taken off their mask with the ‘X’ seal and the board with the words “I am a bad student.
I laid my hands on a student.”

I turned my body towards Sakuramiya-sensei and told her directly.

“Can I hug you for a bit?”


“Even though you’re Sakuramiya-sensei, when you say cute things like that, it’s, well… My chest feels fluttery.
It’s cheating…”


Sakuramiya-sensei blushed as her cheeks were dyed in a red shade.

Even that look of hers is unbearingly cute to me, surprised by sudden adorable behavior of hers, I gently squeeze Sakuramiya-sensei’s right hand and smile.

“I just had a little bit of a realization that I’m dating you, sensei.”

“You’ve realized about it now? Here I’m still worried about what will happen with me when everyone finds out about our relationship.”

“If you’re that worried, should I kiss you again? This time on the lips…”


“If it comes to that, maybe it’ll be a little bit believable.”

“Th-that’s true, but… don’t ignore the time, place and occasion.

Sakuramiya-sensei mutters with their head down.

It’s true that doing this here right now is probably overdoing it.
I didn’t mean to do it seriously, but Sakuramiya-sensei pointed it out first.

Nonetheless I quietly proceeded to interlock our fingers like in a lover’s hold without minding our surroundings when anyone could have entered the room without us knowing.

“Ah, right.
There’s something I need to tell you, Sakuramiya-sensei.”

“Something you need to tell me?”

“I was confessed to by Shinozukaa-san.”

“… I see, so that’s it…”

At the amusement park, just before it closed, I was confessed to by Shinozua-san on the last ride of the ferris wheel.

There may be people who think it’s outrageous to confess to someone who already has a lover, but the situation this time is a little special.
Since I publicly stated that I’m not dating Sakuramiya-sensei, from Shinozukaa-san’s perspective, I don’t have a girlfriend.

Shinozuka-san, who confessed to me, is not at fault at all.
The fault lies with me, who ran away for my own safety and hid my relationship with Sakuramiya-sensei.

In any case, I don’t think this is something I should bear alone.

Sakuramiya-sensei’s eyes widened in shock.
But she swallowed the truth without hesitation, while her eyes darted around the room panickingly.

The living room falls silent for a moment.
Sakuramiya-sensei looks at me with a mystified expression and firmly grips my right hand.
She then started to speak in a faint voice that seems to be fading away.

“… Is this like a break-up talk or something…”


“B-but, Shinozuka-san is cute, and you’re the same age as her Segawa-kun, and according to Shii-chan, you both are compatible… “


In short, it seems that Sakuramiya-sensei thinks that if I have to choose between her and Shinozuka-san then I might choose Shinozuka-san.

Well, that might be the general opinion.
But I’m different.
If I was going to switch lovers just because a female classmate confessed to me, I wouldn’t have started dating Sakuramiya-sensei in the first place.

“Don’t look down on me too much.
Sakuramiya-sensei is the only one who is my girlfriend.”

“… I see, alright.
Segawa-kun is the only one who is my boyfriend too.
For life.”

“For life is a bit heavy…”

“B-but, I really am weird.
I can’t stop thinking about Segawa-kun, and I don’t really understand it, but my emotions when I look at Segawa-kun and everyone else are different.
I probably can’t live without Segawa-kun anymore.”

“Are you on drugs?”

“Segawa-kun, can I really be your girlfriend for life…?”

She looked at me with upturned eyes.
Their slightly moist eyes look pained as she gazed at me directly.

I blushed a little and averted my gaze from her.
If I looked at her any longer, my reasoning might have gotten distorted.

“To be precise, I intended to reject it, but I was interrupted.
Right now, I’ve been confessed to by her one-sidedly, and I’ve been declared that she will aggressively pursue me from now on.”

I told Sakuramiya-sensei about the events that happened to me.

“And so, I couldn’t reject the confession.”

“I see…”

“But I’ll make sure to find a good time and tell Shinozuka-san that I’m rejecting her.
I just wanted to report this properly to Sakuramiya-sensei.”

It’s important to explain this clearly now so that there won’t be any misunderstandings later.

Sakuramiya-sensei nods slightly with a smile.

“Yeah, I believe you.
If, in the end, you decide to go with Shinoda-san or something, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“I won’t go out with either, though.
Please don’t make such scary threats.”

“Fufu~ It’s not a threat at all…”

“Your eyes aren’t smiling!”

Sakuramiya-sensei still had a smile on her face, but her eyes weren’t smiling at all.

I couldn’t help but think what this teacher of mine would do if I abandoned her.
I think I should start preparing the days left for me to leave.

And with that began the days of my chaotic life.

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