Chapter 03 – The Host’s Wrath

After hearing what the system said, Xi Xun didn’t have much reaction.

He held the small ball in front of him, something was surging in his black eyes.

Anybody would be able to sense the danger at this time, but 0329 did not.
Because it preconceived that this was a great saint host, so it was not worried about him hurting itself at all.

It also couldn’t perceive that the host was trying to clutch its neck and crush it, because the host grabbed it in the wrong place, 0329 had no neck.

0329 thought the host accepted it.

This made 0329 very happy and even licked the host’s palm to express intimacy.

Xi Xun’s eyes moved slightly.

The hand that was supposed to close tightly, after sensing this touch, it caused something to flash across Xi Xun’s eyes.
In the end, he didn’t do anything, but turned around and left.

0329 who was thrown down looked at the back of the host somewhat confused.

The host hadn’t contracted with it yet!

This made 0329 a little anxious.
Looking at the host’s indifferent back, 0329 finally held back and didn’t follow.
Maybe the host needed to think about it, right? After all, the host didn’t drive itself out.

So, under the comfort of itself, 0329 barely calmed down.

It moved its small body.

Although it was not far from the male protagonist of merit and luck, it could temporarily acquire a trace of energy to keep itself from dying, but it would not work if it continued like this.
So, 0329 hesitantly moved after seeing the host walking away.

It looked at the entire small villa and finally locked its eyes on a smart sweeper.

At this time, the smart sweeper was charging.

0329 walked over and took a look.

It poked the little thing curiously, but accidentally touched the charging cable and pulled it.
The smart sweeper suddenly sounded an alarm: (Insufficient charge, 10% charged, please continue to charge!)

When 0329 heard this, its eyes lit up.

This can be charged? Then, can it also charge itself?

Thinking of this, 0329 suddenly became excited.

It kicked the smart sweeper and kicked it away.
Then it took the charging cable and thought about where to plug it in.


Here, Xi Xun was looking out quietly.

At this time, there was lightning and thunder outside, the heavy rain beat the glass window like a whip, and the sound was very loud.

And tomorrow was the beginning of the end.

The beginning was a heavy rainstorm for several days in a row.
But this rain was not simple rain, if you look closely, you will find that the rain was black.
And these rains caused some people to become infected and become zombies.

After that, various large-scale natural disasters hit, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc.

Once these were over, what came next was the animal mutations.

Some animals ate the meat of zombies.
Although they did not become zombies, they mutated.
These mutated animals were several times larger, and the meat was inedible, resulting in a reduction in the food that humans could eat.

All animals, insects, etc.
naturally added up to more than humans, and in addition to zombies, humans were suddenly facing the most difficult threshold for survival in human history.

Not only that.

Because it was summer, too many dead animals and humans could not be cremated and rotted, leading to the outbreak of the plague.
This series of disasters caused the human population to plummet by 80%.

Everyone thought it was nature trying to exterminate humans.

Because there was really no way to survive.

How did Xi Xun know this? Because he’d been through it, he’d been through it all.
In fact, Xi Xun’s memory was a little fuzzy, he couldn’t remember so much.

But he remembered how he was killed.

Yes, he was killed.

In fact, Xi Xun had been reborn dozens of times.
And in each life, it was Xi Xun who saved all of humanity.
But after the disaster was over, those people he had saved wanted to kill him, and for one reason, and that was his eyes.

His eyes were indeed scary, they looked like a monster’s.

Xi Xun’s eyes changed deeper and deeper with the time of the end of the world.
Before that, he actually had a pair of normal human eyes.
But when the end of the world struck, his eyes changed day by day.

People were afraid of deviants.

After Xi Xun was discovered not wearing dark glasses one time, everyone was frightened.
People who used to worship him as a hero screamed that XI Xun was a monster and all wanted to kill him.

There were even people who said that the disaster was caused by Xi Xun.

At first, Xi Xun didn’t care.

Therefore, he had no emotional changes in the second reincarnation, the third reincarnation, and even the countless subsequent reincarnations.
He saved people, in fact, it was really just a simple rescue, not for the gratitude of those people, so the attitude of others had nothing to do with him.

He didn’t know why he had been reborn so many times.

But he didn’t care much about these, he still did what he wanted to do as before.
In fact, Xi Xun was not like a human being.
He couldn’t empathize with others and just did his own thing.
The reason why he saved the world every time was because his intuition told him to do so, so he did it.

But dozens of reincarnations had passed, and every time, those people would accidentally see his eyes for various reasons.

Then there was fear, disgust, and siege.

Each and every time.

Xi Xun actually didn’t understand.
He didn’t understand what man’s definition of evil was.
Could it be that those who were ugly and had a slightly different appearance were all evil?

As for what had been done in the past, it didn’t matter?

And whenever those people looked at Xi Xun in disgust, the faith value obtained by all the merits that Xi Xun had done before dissipated.

Xi Xun actually didn’t know what it was, but he could sense something missing from his body.

Then, Xi Xun became angry.

In fact, in Xi Xun’s opinion, killing and saving people were the same, there was no difference.
The reason why he had been doing good things repeatedly like this was driven by intuition in his heart, but he was now tired, even disgusted.
So, whenever he returned to the world’s origin, he would personally destroy the world he had saved.

And this time, it was no exception.

“Bam!” The strong wind blew off the branch of a tree, and the branch hit hard on the floor-to-ceiling windows! The glass of the floor-to-ceiling windows was slightly cracked because it couldn’t withstand such a big impact.

The tsunami was coming soon, which was what Xi Xun was waiting for.

Xi Xun actually had supernatural abilities.

His ability was corrosion, and there was a little special substance in his ability.
He only needed to mix his own blood with his supernatural ability and drop it into the water, and when the tsunami hit, everything would be contaminated.

This seawater with Xi Xun’s blood ability would corrode the power station as well as the protective shell outside the high-voltage electricity.
And because of the special substance in Xi Xun’s blood, it would connect everything to one piece.

It was not difficult to imagine that all living things would be wiped out in an instant.

Including himself.

But it didn’t matter, this was what Xi Xun wanted to see.
Xi Xun was in a very good mood every time he saw this scene.

He liked to see these.

Although the world would restart after he died, it didn’t matter, he didn’t care.

Xi Xun sat in a chair and looked outside.

His fingers tapped the chair lightly, and from the knocking sound, it could be heard that he was in a good mood at the moment.

Xi Xun waited for the coming of the next reincarnation.

But this time, there was an accident.

He saw the lights on the ceiling suddenly flickered, and then all the electrical appliances in the villa were cut off in an instant, and the room went dark.
Not only Xi Xun’s villa, but the whole city, and even the whole province had been cut off!

Xi Xun was silent for two seconds.

Then, he calmly looked to the other side, where 0329 was.

At this time, 0329 was still holding the charger cable in its hand, and it burped contentedly.
When it found that the host seemed to be looking at itself, it finally realized what it had done.

It looked at the host and carefully said, “Sorry host, I was too hungry and ate too much without noticing.”

Seeing that the host was still looking at itself coldly, 0329 was a little scared.
It retracted itself into the ball instantly, trying to avoid the host’s wrath this way.

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