nsure the smooth clearance of adventurers in 'Weird World',” Qu Kangping's gun emitted smoke.
“Now you are suspected of endangering the lives of adventurers.
According to the law, we can shoot on sight.
If you don't want to die, then keep coming!”

The crowd hesitated for a moment, then raised their weapons and charged.

Qu Kangping's subordinates quickly loaded their guns and fired without hesitation.

The police, now aware of the situation, took out tear gas and stun guns.

In just a few minutes, the unruly crowd was suppressed.

Chief Hu Chang wiped the sweat from his forehead, roughly estimating that Qu Kangping alone had killed 20 residents.

“Team Leader Qu, why did you kill so many people all at once?”

“Is there a problem?” Qu Kangping put away his gun and didn't even look at Hu Chang.
“These people deserved to die, and I would never kill the wrong person.”

but how am I supposed to write about these things in the report?”

“You can write however you want.”

“But, were those legal provisions you mentioned earlier real?”

“Of course not, I made them up.” Qu Kangping lit a cigarette.
“I just didn't want to waste time on these useless people.
Sometimes, special situations require special handling.
Those above will understand.”

“Ah? Team Leader…
Team Leader, wait!”

Hu Chang looked anxious as he watched Qu Kangping.

But Qu Kangping didn't pay him any attention and walked straight toward the center of the village.

As a former adventurer, Qu Kangping's intuition and mental power far exceeded that of an ordinary person.
He had a faint feeling that there might be some Weird items in the center of the town.
He loaded a fresh magazine and continued forward with Ah Jian.

“Team Leader, I think it might be the old house up ahead.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Qu Kangping arrived at the front of the old house and climbed over the fence.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew, causing Qu Kangping to step back three steps.

Ah Jian quickly stepped forward and shielded Qu Kangping.

“Team Leader, is it a ghost?”

“Don't be afraid, the ghosts here are gone.
I can't sense their presence anymore.”

Qu Kangping pushed the door and entered.

The old house was in a dilapidated state, with a strong smell of decay everywhere.

Qu Kangping climbed the stairs, driven by intuition, and reached the third floor.

On the third-floor corridor, a black cat was gently licking a large rat, and the rat had its belly exposed, squinting its eyes in enjoyment.

Qu Kangping closed his eyes and shook his head, and the weird cat and rat disappeared immediately.

“Team Leader, what's wrong with you?”

“I saw some illusions.”

“Is it mental contamination?”

“No, it's my intuition giving me hints.” Qu Kangping closed his eyes and pondered for a moment.
“A nest of cat and rat? Hmph…
I understand now.
When we get back, immediately assign people to investigate the leaders in the city.
No one can escape the punishment of the law.”


Qu Kangping pushed open the door to the third-floor room.

A man wearing a clown mask was staring at him slyly, and Qu Kangping instinctively raised his gun, only to realize that the clown was also an illusion.

“Damn it…
why do these things keep happening today?”

“Team Leader, are you okay?”

“I haven't lost control of my intuition for a long time, but today I've had two consecutive hallucinations.
Just now, I saw a clown appear here.”

Qu Kangping shook his head and walked to where the clown disappeared.

There was a yellowed drawing paper on the floor, covered in dust.

He gently blew away the floating dust.

It was a child's drawing, depicting a family of four.

Father, mother, brother, and sister.

Ah Jian squatted beside Qu Kangping and also saw the drawing.
His eyes widened when he noticed that the brother in the drawing was slowly fading away.

“Team Leader, what is this…”

“This is what Gu Yi mentioned, the weird world and the real world have a mapping relationship, right?”

The child's drawing gradually faded until it finally turned into a heap of black ashes.

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