Now it can be confirmed that the phone in his possession belongs to his sister.
That's why it remained intact while traversing the void door, just like the other plot items.

“It's time to summarize and deduce my sister's storyline.”

Gu Yi closed his eyes, sitting by the desk, carefully recalling every detail in his sister's diary.

Day one, the brother's death.

Day two, encountered the wedding procession and the creepy clown.

Day three, the mother abused the sister.

Day four, the sister got injured and had a fever, then the mother used rat oil to treat her.

Day five, the sister was seriously injured and witnessed the mother eating mice while making rat oil.

After arriving in the surface world, Gu Yi didn't find any rule notes or encountered any weird events, indicating that at least within his accessible range, there was no weird power.

This world is relatively normal.

Considering this, his sister couldn't have seen the clown outside the window in the room on the 20th floor.
This suggests that his sister had gone insane from day two onwards, or she had been corrupted by the weird powers and had successfully become the 'Unspeakable'.

Starting from day three, the sister suffered abuse from her mother.
Gu Yi speculated that the mother of his sister is not the same person as his own mother.

The sister's mother ate rats.

In the wedding procession, the bride was a cat.

Could this imply that the cat-rat couple is the buyer of his sister? His sister might no longer be able to distinguish who her biological parents are.

Now the key issue is how to find his sister.
The only clue Gu Yi has is the hospital where Han Chunzhu is.

“What was the name of the hospital…”

Gu Yi tapped his head.

In the inner world, Gu Yi didn't actually see the name of the hospital; he only remembered the layout of the hospital.

Han Chunzhu had heart problems, and there were only a few well-known heart-specialized hospitals in the city, with no more than three of them achieving a Level 3 Grade.

Gu Yi immediately went to his father's study, opened the computer, and searched.
Eventually, he identified the target hospital – Provincial People's Hospital.

Gu Yi took out a new backpack and stored all the plot items inside it, also bringing along a fruit knife just in case.
He left his home and hailed a taxi.

“Where to, young man?”

“Provincial People's Hospital.”

Gu Yi sat in the backseat of the car.

In less than twenty minutes, Gu Yi arrived at his destination.

He entered the hospital's inpatient building and looked at the surroundings.
Finally, he felt at ease; this was the place he was looking for.

Suddenly, Gu Yi felt the backpack getting warm—this was a signal from the black eye patch.

As a precaution, Gu Yi closed his eyes.

(The deduction begins!)

(You take out the eye patch from the backpack and put it on.)

(You see red light flashing upstairs.)

(You take off the eye patch and go upstairs.)

(You find the cat bride and rat groom appearing in the corridor, both turning their heads to look at you.)

(Your pupils dilate, and your heart stops.)

(You are scared to death.)

(The deduction ends!)

This ghostly scenario again!

Gu Yi clenched his fists and quickly exited the inpatient building, finding a safe spot to hide.

The eye patch worked as a warning and indicator.

When there are plot items in the vicinity, he can see a golden light.

When there are dangerous characters nearby, he can see a red light.

Seeing the cat and rat here basically means he's in the right place, but he can't just wait here until they leave before exploring, right?

Who knows how long they will stay here?

Who knows if they will do something inappropriate to Han Chunzhu?

Thinking of this, Gu Yi closed his eyes again.

(The deduction begins!)

(You decide to take the initiative and find a way to divert the cat-rat couple.)

(Triggering a death event requires direct eye contact with Miss Cat.
As long as you cover your eyes, you'll be safe.)

(You take out your phone and call the police, saying you're being followed by a woman who looks like a cat.)

(You memorize the escape route and measure the distance from the inpatient building to the hospital's entrance with your footsteps.)

(You return to the inpatient building, and the eye patch starts to heat up.)

(You put on the eye patch and feel your way up the stairs.)

(Your vision is pitch-black, but you can determine the cat-rat couple's position through the red light.)

(You arrive upstairs.)

(You hear the concerned voices of hospital staff around you, and you notice the red light approaching you.)

(You stumble and run, covering your eyes with the eye patch, not giving the cat-rat couple any chance.)

(The speed of the red light is getting faster and faster.)

(You lead the red light and run out of the inpatient building.)

(You scream loudly, warning the pedestrians ahead to avoid you.)

(You hear footsteps behind you getting closer, and the eye patch becomes unusually hot.)

(You finally run out of the hospital gate, panting.)

(You hear the sound of police cars.)

(You are tackled to the ground by the cat-rat couple.)

(You scream for help, covering your eye patch.)

(The police run over and rescue you.)

(The cat-rat couple is taken away in a police car, and you are escorted to the hospital due to external injuries.)

(You end the deduction!)


Gu Yi nodded and immediately called the police.

It would take about 10 minutes for the police to arrive at the hospital, which gave him the opportunity to familiarize himself with the escape route.

He walked to the front of the inpatient building, closed his eyes, and felt the wall as he walked toward the hospital exit.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and it's like typing proficiently on a keyboard.
Even with closed eyes, one can do it with ease.

With his greatly enhanced mental power which also made his memory strong, more than ten times that of an average person, Gu Yi could easily memorize the escape route by walking it just twice with his eyes closed.

“No problem.”

Gu Yi nodded and returned to the inpatient building.
He put on the eye patch and walked to the second floor.


Gu Yi shouted loudly in the corridor, and the two red light points in his vision were indeed drawn towards him.


Gu Yi heard a cat's meow and couldn't help but shiver.
He turned around, still covering his eyes with the eye patch, and walked towards the fire escape.

“Clear the way!”

Gu Yi ran down the stairs skillfully.

The pedestrians around saw Gu Yi and quickly moved to the side in fear.

“Damn, how can this guy run so fast with his eyes covered?”

Before the words finished, a man and a woman quickly rushed out after him.

This couple had very peculiar appearances.

The man was short and looked like a mouse.

The woman was slender and looked like a cat.

The two chased after the blindfolded boy and ran like lightning.

“Help! Get out of the way! Someone's trying to kill me!”

“Stop him, that kid stole our wallets!”

Gu Yi and the cat-rat couple yelled back and forth, and the surrounding pedestrians dared not take any action, only moving to the side.

Gu Yi was panting heavily, feeling as if his lungs were burning, and even his heart felt like it was about to come out.

He had already exhausted his physical strength.

His weakened body couldn't sustain him to run any further.

The eye patch felt scorching hot.

Gu Yi felt a tremendous force from behind, and he was knocked down to the ground.

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