struggling with each move.
Finally, he arrived at the booth, picked up the receiver, and the world around him froze.

“You have gained an opportunity to communicate with the real world.
You have three minutes.
Whom would you like to talk to?”

“Leader of the Dragon Country Strategy Team.”

In the real world…

Dragon Country was in chaos.

After Gu Yi completed the first dungeon, the live broadcast signal was permanently lost.

There were no new adventurers appearing from the Dragon Country, and Gu Yi didn't return to the real world either, which was highly abnormal.

“Did the rules of the weird world change?”

“I have no idea, completely clueless.”

The loss of Gu Yi's live broadcast signal worried all the viewers.

Amidst the anxiety, live signals from other countries suddenly appeared.

“Leader, the lighthouse country, kimchi country, and cherry blossom country's live broadcasts have started, but we still haven't received Gu Yi's signal.”

“Could it be due to our technology?”

“I don't know.
We've tried everything, but once connected, we only see a black screen.”

The leader approached the screen filled with question marks, and everyone was baffled by the current situation.

“What do we do now, Leader?”

“This is the first time we've encountered such a situation.
It might be related to the sudden increase in difficulty in the weird world's dungeons.
How are the situations in other countries?”

“The lighthouse country has found the first plot item.
The adventurer seems to have awakened a talent skill that enhances his inspiration ability.
The adventurer from the cherry blossom country triggered an instant death event.
The adventurers from other countries are all stuck, and their plot exploration progress hasn't exceeded 15%.”

“Darn it…”

The leader pinched the bridge of his nose.


Everyone turned their heads.

The live broadcast footage of Gu Yi started shaking, and a pale, emaciated face appeared in the center of the frame.

“I am Gu Yi.
Is there anything unusual on your end?”

“Gu Yi, are you okay? Your live broadcast signal has been off the entire time, and we have no idea what you've been doing.
What happened to you? Are you sick?”

The live broadcast signal has been off the entire time?

Could this be the director's special care for him?

Gu Yi quickly thought and said in a rapid tone, “One question at a time.
I played a character who became vegetative, and I just woke up from a dream world.
How are the adventurers from other countries?”

“What? Are you saying…
that this dungeon is a dream? The adventurers from other countries are still in the weird town, and the one with the highest progress is only at 13%.”

Gu Yi faintly sensed that something was off.
“Can you tell me more about the dungeon of other countries, be more specific?”

“They were born in a weird town that appears to be a medieval Western town.
There are terrifying legends about a music box circulating in the town.”

Wait a minute!

His experience in the dungeon is different from others?

Could the director's special care be referring to this?

Gu Yi closed his eyes, constantly recalling every detail of his interaction with the host, even the ever-changing color of the host's palette became his reference.

“Gu Yi? What's wrong with you?”

“Director, what are you thinking? What do you want to tell me? Are you intentionally showing me these loopholes? Or are you intentionally playing with me?”

“Gu Yi, you—”

“Leader, listen!”

Gu Yi interrupted the leader's words, his eyes sharp as a knife.

“Next, I need you to help me with something.
This thing may directly affect my progress in clearing the stage.
If successful, we might even unearth the truth behind the weird world.

The director is too arrogant; he is intentionally testing and probing me.

Broadcast what I just said.

Tell everyone.

Even gods bleed, and I will be the dagger stabbing into the heart of the divine.”

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