u jump up and grab onto the rope.)

(Your palms are too sweaty, and you almost slip.
You quickly swing back and wrap the rope around your wrist twice.)

(You finally swing to the other side.)

(You turn your head and see the dwarf already halfway up the climbing wall.)

(You quickly run over.)

(The climbing wall collapses with a loud crash, hitting you on the head.)

(Your vision goes black.)

(You die.)

“Why is it like this?”

Gu Yi touched his chin, pondering carefully.

If the first failure was due to an accident and the second failure was due to tampering, then why did the third failure happen?

It doesn't make any sense.

I must have been punished by the rules.
Which rule did I do wrong?”

Gu Yi recalled the audience rules of the Dark Moon Circus, but he couldn't find anything inappropriate.
The rules were basically common etiquette for every audience member.

Gu Yi closed his eyes and carefully recalled every detail of his attempts to pass the challenges.

“No, it's not during the challenges, but right when I entered the circus.”

Gu Yi touched his nose.

When he first entered the circus, the clown gave him a balloon crown and even praised Dark Moon him when he saw it.

The fourth rule in the audience guidelines stated:

The circus doesn't offer a free lunch, so don't pick up random things on the street to eat.
It could harm you.”

Here, “lunch” doesn't just refer to food.

The balloon crown given by the clown, isn't that a free lunch?

Last time, the balloon sword made by the clown could kill the snake monster directly.
Can the balloon crown given by the clown this time has some mysterious power? Without a second thought, Gu Yi accepted someone else's kindness, not realizing that he had fallen into someone else's trap.

That balloon crown is very likely to be a cursed item that brings bad luck!

“I understand now.”

After silently deducing it once, the problem indeed lay with that balloon crown.
Gu Yi twisted his neck and calmly walked into the enormous portal.

The cheerful music of the circus reached Gu Yi's ears.

Just as he had deduced before, the familiar clown hopped and skipped over to Gu Yi and was about to put a balloon crown on him.

“Ah! No need for that,” Gu Yi instinctively moved his head back.
“Take me to meet your leader.”

The clown was momentarily surprised but didn't say anything.
He pulled Gu Yi along and headed towards the largest tent in the circus.

Gu Yi finally saw Dark Moon.
He couldn't help but feel a chill run down his spine.

The Dark Moon he had deduced was wearing a black-purple suit, but in reality, Dark Moon was wearing a pure black suit.

–The Dark Moon Circus comes from a higher dimension, and there were some deviations between my deductions and reality!

“Oh, welcome to the Dark Moon Circus,” Dark Moon said with a smile.
“If you want to spend a joyful day in the circus, please abide by the following rules.”

As Dark Moon spoke, he handed a note with the rules to Gu Yi.

Gu Yi unfolded it and took a look.

The note had black text on a white background, but fortunately, the content was the same as his deductions, with only minor differences in certain details.

“Thank you.”

“Now, sir, may I ask if you have your ticket with you?”

“Of course.”

Gu Yi took out the eyepatch from his pocket.

Dark Moon took the eyepatch and made a mark on it with his fingernail.
Then he pointed towards the seating area, saying, “The Dark Moon Circus welcomes your presence.
Please find a seat quickly, as the spectacular circus performance is about to begin.”

Gu Yi nodded and made his way to the seating area.

At this moment, he felt a chilling sensation throughout his body, as if he had fallen into an icy abyss.

The entire scene of the circus underwent a drastic transformation in his eyes.

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