Chapter 73: Dark Moon Circus (1)

“I'm sick.”

Gu Yi weakly said.

His mother approached and took the thermometer from Gu Yi's hand.
She hesitated for a moment and asked, “You're sick? Should I take you to see a doctor?”

Gu Yi remained silent, only closing his eyes.

His mother held the thermometer, feeling uncertain.
“Should I inform your school first?”

Gu Yi still didn't speak.

His mother gently touched Gu Yi's cheeks and forehead.
“You're really burning up.
Let me take you to the hospital.
Wait here, I'll inform my workplace first.”

Gu Yi's heart remained calm.

The younger sister stood by the door frame, looking at the silent brother, hesitating to speak.

“Work leave? It's just a cold and fever.
We have fever-reducing medicine at home.
Just give him some,” his father interrupted, grabbing hold of his mother.
“We've already made arrangements with them.
Are you planning to break your promise?”

His mother hesitated for a moment, then covered Gu Yi with the blanket.
“Let me bring you a glass of water.
Rest well at home.”

His parents left the room.

Gu Yi turned his head and glanced at his sister.

She hesitated, then turned and followed their father—she still had to go to school.

Gu Yi lay on the bed, listening to the sound of his father starting the car.
His mother had said she would bring him water before leaving, but she never came.

Gu Yi got up from the bed and took out his notebook, writing down new speculation on the paper.

[Parents are not “I's” biological parents.
“I” might have been abducted.]

Gu Yi glanced at his phone for the time.

[3 days, 23 hours, 39 minutes]

The countdown felt like a ticking time bomb right in front of him.

Gu Yi changed his clothes and made his way to the school.

Since his parents didn't give him any specific tasks before leaving, the flow of time in the dungeon should be normal.

Gu Yi walked to the school gate, which took him half an hour.
He rested for a while at the entrance and indeed heard the sound of a whip coming from next to the school.

Following the direction of the sound, Gu Yi walked towards it.

It was an empty space with nothing around.

Do I need to drink almond water here too?”

Gu Yi took out almond water from his backpack and took a sip, the aroma of almonds filled his nostrils.


Gu Yi took a deep breath, and the empty space in front of him suddenly began to distort and transform.

A large gate surrounded by a void storm appeared before him, with a clown emblem hanging above the lintel.

“Finally, I found you.
Let the deduction begin!”

(Deduction begins!)

(You walk up to the eerie door and push it open.)

(You are engulfed by the void.)

(A minute later, you land back on the ground.)

(You find yourself in a bustling circus, but apart from you, there are no other guests in the circus.)

(Clowns are happily performing acrobatics in front of you.
They don't speak, but communicate with you through gestures.)

(You continue walking and encounter the clown who had dived away into the water before.)

(The clown happily waves at you and blows up a balloon crown to put on your head.)

(The clown pulls you towards a large tent.)

(In the center of the tent, there is a dwarf dressed in a black and purple suit.)

(Dwarf: Welcome, esteemed guest, to the Dark Moon Circus.
I am the head of the circus (ringmaster), Dark Moon.
I must say, the crown on your head looks really beautiful.
I hope you have a delightful time in our circus.)

(You: Um…
Thank you.)

(Dark Moon: Oh, by the way, to ensure you can enjoy your time in the circus, please abide by our audience guidelines.)

(Dark Moon snaps his fingers, and a set of audience guidelines with black text on a white background appears in your palm.)

([Dark Moon Circus Audience Guidelines])

Please refrain from walking here and there or causing disturbances in the audience area, as it may affect other spectators' viewing experience.)

The ringmaster may invite the audience to participate in interactive games.
If you win in these mini-games, you will receive Dark Moon Prize Tickets.)

You get what you pay for.
The items sold in our circus are absolutely genuine.)

There is no such thing as a free lunch in the circus.
Please refrain from randomly picking up things from the roadside to eat, as it may harm you.)

(You ponder for a moment.)

(The Dark Moon Circus audience guidelines are the second rule list you have found in the dungeon.)

(The clown has been mentioned in both “I” and I's sister's diaries.
Based on the current plot development, the circus should be neutral, just like the shop owner in the previous dungeon.)

(You feel that you can trust them.)

(You: Thank you.
Can I watch the performances here?)

(Dark Moon: Of course, as long as you have a ticket.)

(You pause for a moment.)

(Dark Moon stomps on the floor, levitates in front of you, and with a flick of his small hand, takes out the half eyepatch from your pocket.)

(Dark Moon: Hmm…
Isn't this your ticket? Purchased by Gu Yao.
Who is she to you?)

(You pause for a moment.)

(You: She's my sister.)

(Dark Moon: Ah, I see.
Keep the ticket and go take your seat quickly.)

(Dark Moon scratches a mark on the eyepatch with his nail and hands it back to you.)

(You tuck away the eyepatch and take your seat.)

(The circus performance begins.)

(Ten men with identical appearances appear at the edge of the stage, performing various acrobatic acts.)

(Dark Moon holds a microphone and looks around.)

(Dark Moon: Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to begin today's interactive segment.
Does anyone want to participate?)

(You immediately stand up.)

(Dark Moon: Great, and this audience member's name is…)

(You: Gu Yi.)

(Dark Moon: Excellent, Mr.
Gu, please come down!)

(Music plays, and you jump down from the audience seats.)

(The scene on the stage immediately changes.
An obsidian runway appears beneath your feet, filled with various obstacles.)

(A balance beam, a suspension bridge, a climbing wall…)

(Beneath these obstacles, there is scorching magma.)

(The heat clouds your vision.)

(Dark Moon: Mr.
Gu, this is our interactive mini-game.
I will send one of my subordinates to compete with you.
If you can reach the finish line before him, you will receive our Dark Moon Prize Ticket.)

(Dark Moon claps his hands.)

(Another dwarf with pointed ears descends from above and lands in front of you.)

(Dark Moon points.)

(Dark Moon: Take your positions.)

(You and the dwarf stand side by side.)

(Dark Moon: Ready…

(You dash forward.)

(The dwarf is much shorter than you and can't match your speed.)

(You feel puzzled.)

(Did Dark Moon choose such a subordinate to race against you because he thinks you'll not win?)

(You raise your vigilance.)

(You reach the first obstacle ahead.)

(It's a balance beam.)

(You glance back, and the dwarf is three meters behind you.)

(You step onto the balance beam.)

(You take two steps forward.)

(Suddenly, your shoelace comes undone.)

(You step on the shoelace, slip, and fall into the magma.)

(You turn into ashes.)

(You're dead.)

(The deduction ends!)

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