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(It is covered in wounds, with one horn broken.)

(You try to approach the lamb.)

(The lamb immediately stands up and points its broken horn toward you.)

(You take two steps back.)

(You: I'm here to help you escape.)

(The lamb tilts its head and looks at you.)

(You: I'll take you away.)

(The lamb seems to understand your words and rubs its head against your leg.)

(You lead the lamb to the edge of the grove and find adults standing near the town entrance, including the buyer and his wife.)

(You: Wait here for a moment.
I'll lead those people away.)

(The lamb doesn't make any sound.)

(You run out of the grove and claim to have seen the lamb heading north, away from the grove.)

(The crowd believes you without hesitation.)

(You turn back and lead the lamb to the town entrance.)

(You also try to step out of the town, but you're immediately pushed back by an invisible force.)

(The lamb leaves the town.)

(A violent void storm outside the town immediately engulfs the lamb, tearing it into pieces.)

(Surprised, you take two steps back.)

(The residents are now standing behind you, and the buyer couple stares at you angrily.)

(Husband: You let the lamb escape?)

(Wife: Kill him!)

(Someone strikes you on the head with a shovel.)

(Your vision turns blood red.)

(You're dead.)

(Deduction ends!)

Gu Yi opened his eyes and happened to see the buyer and his wife leading the lamb past him.

The lamb bleated, and the couple struggled to stuff it into the trunk of their car.

“Another rule…
Just lost a lamb, and they resort to killing a person?”

Gu Yi scratched his head and took out a pen and paper to jot down the new rule.

[When a lamb attempts to escape, it must be stopped, and it cannot be allowed to leave the town.]

The residents of the town are simple and honest, comparable to those in Gotham City.

Of course, Gu Yi didn't really consider the lamb as a lamb.

There must be a hidden metaphor behind all this.

Before Gu Yi could ponder further, his phone rang.

It was another call from his mother.


“Are you coming home for dinner tonight?”

“Yeah, I'll be back.”

“We're having braised lamb tonight.
Come back early.”


Gu Yi nodded and looked at the sky.

There were no other places to explore at the moment, so he had no choice but to go home.

The town didn't offer any additional clues.
After today, a new diary entry would unlock, providing him with new leads.

Gu Yi picked up his sister and strolled around for a while before returning home.

His mother placed a plate of braised lamb on the table.
Her cooking skills were excellent, and Gu Yi couldn't detect even a hint of a fishy smell.

Gu Yi held his chopsticks but hesitated to pick up a piece of lamb.
He remembered the diary entry saying, “The lamb meat might have gone bad.”

Gu Yi closed his eyes.

(Deduction begins!)

(You pick up a piece of lamb and put it in your mouth.)

(The taste is somewhat strange, but it actually tastes quite good.)

(You continue to pick up another piece.)

(Suddenly, you feel a severe pain in your stomach.)

(Your whole body goes numb, and you start to breathe rapidly.)

(Your parents look at you with confusion.)

(Your vision goes completely black.)

(You're dead.)

(Deduction ends!)

“Son, why aren't you eating the lamb?” Your mother looks at you with a smile.
“It's been a while since you had lamb, right?”

“No, I've been having some digestive issues lately, so I'll pass.”

Gu Yi forced a smile and avoided looking at the plate of lamb.

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