alk to the end of the cellar and discover a desk.
On the desk, you find a document covered in thick fog, making it difficult to read.)

(*** Contract)

(*** Price: ***)

(Contractor: Gu **)

(This seems to be a contract, and the fog covering it suggests it is controlled by the “Unspeakable”.
The Cat Bride and Mouse Groom may be manifestations of this dungeon's Unspeakable.)

(The content of the contract is not discernible at the moment, but you speculate that the contractor is your own father.)

(You open the desk drawer and find another eyepatch.)

(Suddenly, you feel a moist sensation above your head.)

(You look up and see a large, wriggling piece of lamb meat on the ceiling, with blood dripping down from it.)

(The lamb meat on the shelves falls to the ground and begins crawling toward you.)

(The lamb meat descends from above, covering your mouth and nose.)

(You feel suffocated.)

(Your vision turns pitch black.)

(You are dead.)

(Deduction ends!)

Gu Yi opened his eyes and made eye contact with the neighbor.

“Isn't this little Gu?” the neighbor said.

hello,” Gu Yi awkwardly waved at the neighbor.
“I'm just hiding here for a while.
Can you not tell my parents?”


The neighbor blinked and pretended not to see Gu Yi.

Gu Yi squatted behind the door, listening to the fading sound of the suona.
Only then did he run out of the neighbor's yard.

There was a cellar under the poplar tree behind the convenience store, and that's where the other half of the eyepatch was.
That's why the eyepatch heated up when he approached the convenience store.

The eyepatch couldn't fulfill its intended purpose temporarily, probably because it was incomplete.

Inside the cellar, there was strange lamb meat, and before entering, Gu Yi had to find a way to deal with those peculiar pieces of meat.

what does 'lamb meat' actually mean?”

Gu Yi muttered to himself, touching his nose.

The neighbor tilted his head and smiled, “Little Gu, do you want to eat lamb meat?”


“We happen to be cooking lamb meat for lunch.
Would you like to try it?”

“No, no, it's fine.”

Gu Yi waved his hand.
Only then did he catch a whiff of the strong smell of blood and flesh coming from the house.

He had been engrossed in thinking about the deductions, so he hadn't noticed it before.

“What a pity,” the neighbor shook his head.
“It's rare for our town to have a market day.
It's not easy to buy lamb meat.”

“A market? Where is it?”

“Don't you know? It's at the market square to the north.
The vendors will be gone by tomorrow.”

Gu Yi nodded.

There didn't seem to be any clues in the village for now, so it would be worth checking out the market.

Gu Yi hopped on his bicycle and quickly arrived at the market square to the north.

There were numerous vendors at the market square, and the crowd was so dense that Gu Yi could hardly move.

There was a strong smell of blood and flesh coming from the stalls.

There weren't many stalls selling local specialties, but there were an overwhelming number of vendors selling lamb meat.
Almost every few steps, Gu Yi could see someone selling lamb meat.

“Baa, baa!”

One vendor even had two live lambs on display, attracting a long line of people inquiring about the price.

“This is strange…”

“Baa, baa!”

One lamb managed to break free, rushing out from the crowd.

The townspeople hurriedly chased after it, finally cornering the lamb on the ground.
The vendor approached, cursing, and whipped the lamb twice.

“Baa, baa!”

“Keep crying! You've been disobedient all the way here.
I'll punish you by not letting you eat for three days!”


The lamb was tightly bound, desperately squirming.

Gu Yi made eye contact with the lamb, and he felt a pang of sympathy.
It was as if, at that moment, he had formed a spiritual connection with the lamb.

“How much is this lamb?” he asked.

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