>If that's the case, could the “Unspeakable” actually be a benevolent entity?

It's impossible to be certain; this can only be considered a speculation.

Regarding the second point:

On May 11, “I” fractured his arm.
Considering the information from the diary, it's possible to make a reasonable inference about what happened on the day of the accident.
After the accident, “I” suffered a fracture while his sister tragically died.

The true events of the surface world remain unknown, but the inner world must reflect to some extent what happened in the surface world.

Regarding the third point:

The fact that neither “I” nor his sister mentioned their grandmother's illness or hospitalization suggests that their parents started concealing the situation from that day onwards.

According to their grandmother's words, their parents had “betrayed their conscience” since then.

Additionally, there's another detail.

When Gu Yi went to the hospital to visit his grandmother, one of the nurses said, “No one has paid Han Chunzhu's medical expenses since her admission.
It has been nearly a month overdue.”

This indicates that only one month has passed in the surface world's time frame.

The flow of time in the surface world and the inner world must be different.

Furthermore, judging by his grandmother's tone, it can be inferred that in the surface world, “I” may be undergoing suffering, to the extent that he is seen as being in an unhealthy state by his grandmother.

Regarding the fourth point:

The inability to access medication records after May 18 is because, in the surface world's time frame, his mother didn't have any medication activity, so naturally, it wouldn't be reflected.

“Damn it, I was really deceived by the system! The dungeon introduction mentioned one year, but in reality, I've been trapped in the inner world for a year while only a month has passed in the surface world.

Except for the bedroom, I can't find any clocks or calendars here.
It's all designed to confuse my sense of time, and I can only rely on the countdown on my phone to determine the time.

Furthermore, the “car accident” may not actually refer to a car accident.
Just like the peculiar entities such as the Cat Bride, Mouse Groom, Clown, and Lamb Meat, they likely have hidden meanings.

If we assume this, the car accident may represent an event significant enough to change the fate of the family.”

All the information Gu Yi obtained was through unconventional means.
If he follows the progress of the dungeon's plot, he may encounter more difficulties in finding clues about the surface world's time flow.

Having obtained sufficient information, Gu Yi immediately left the clinic and continued exploring the small town on his bicycle.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of a suona.

Gu Yi's heart skipped a beat, and he quickly rode his bicycle into a neighbor's yard.

When the neighbor saw Gu Yi, he tilted his head and looked at him.

Ignoring the neighbor, Gu Yi hid behind the front gate and closed his eyes.

(Deduction begins!)

(You peek your head out and observe carefully.)

(The wedding procession passes by on the other side of the river, moving at a rapid pace.
Your parents drive away from the old house, following the procession towards the outskirts of the town, quickly disappearing from sight.)

(You feel a burning sensation in your chest.)

(You lift your collar and realize that the eyepatch is heating up.)

(You put on the eyepatch.)

(Your vision becomes pitch black, and nothing else seems to happen.)

(Without removing the eyepatch, you get on your bicycle and follow the procession from a distance.)

(The wedding procession passes by the convenience store and disappears into the void outside the town.)

(You jump off your bicycle.)

(You speculate that last night your parents reached some agreement with the Cat Bride and Mouse Groom, and today they must be going to complete the transaction.)

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