rows louder, drowning out other noises.)

(You sit at the dining table, having breakfast with your parents and sister.)

(You hear footsteps coming from upstairs.)

(You look up and see a woman wearing a red veil descending the stairs.)

(A gust of cold wind blows.)

(You realize that this woman has a furry cat face.)

(Mother: What's wrong with you?)

(You: Someone…)

(Your throat feels like it's being squeezed shut.)

(The wedding procession enters your backyard.)

(Your parents still can't see the procession, and your sister seems restless and anxious.)

(The cat bride walks past you, and from beneath the red veil, you catch a glimpse of her eerie smiling face.)

(Your pupils dilate, and your heart stops.)

(You are scared to death.)

(Backtracking ends!)

“Even if I pretend not to see, I'll still die.”

Gu Yi opened his eyes and thought calmly.

In the previous deduction, it was evident that his parents couldn't see the procession, but his sister showed a shocked expression at the last moment.

Perhaps by relying on his sister, he can escape this crisis?

(Backtracking begins!)

(You hear the sound of suona from outside.)

(You take a sip of almond water.)

(You go out and greet your mother.
You go upstairs to wake up your sister.)

(Sister: Brother, let me sleep a little longer.)

(You: I saw a wedding procession outside.)

(Sister: No one in our town is getting married.)

(You: Can't you hear the sound of suona outside the door?)

(Your sister looks puzzled, but her eyes widen suddenly as if waking up from a dream.)

(Sister: You must be dreaming, right? There's no one getting married here.)

(You: Look outside the window.)

(Your sister looks out the window.)

(Sister: There's nothing outside, nothing, nothing at all.)

(Your sister grabs your hand and pulls you towards the door.)

(Your parents see this and stop the two of you.)

(Mother: Where are you going?)

(Sister: I want to go out with my brother.)

(Mother: At least finish breakfast before you go.)

(Your sister starts crying.)

(You look past your parents.)

(The cat bride is coming downstairs, she lifts the red veil, revealing a creepy smile toward you.)

(Your heart stops, and pupils dilate.)

(You die.)

(Backtracking ends!)

“Even my sister can't save me?”

Gu Yi furrowed his brow.

With the sound of the suona growing closer, he didn't have time to think and continued to deduce.

(Backtracking begins!)

(You hear the sound of suona from outside.)

(You take a sip of almond water and relax.)

(You summarize the rules regarding the wedding procession.)

You can't directly tell your family that there is a wedding procession outside, as it will turn the procession into your own funeral procession.)

When you tell your family about the wedding procession, they will deny it, and you can't argue back.)

The wedding procession will inevitably reach the old mansion, and the cat bride will come down from the third floor.
No matter what, you will see the cat bride and trigger an instant death.)

(Mother and sister don't have any means to deal with the current situation, so the only option is to seek help from father.)

(You open the door and head straight to your father's room on the second floor.)

(Your father looks very surprised when he sees you.)

(Father: Why are you so flustered?)

(You: There are some strange people outside.)

(Father: What?)

(You: There's a group of people playing the suona and carrying a sedan chair.
I don't know what they're doing.)

(Your father opens his mouth wide.)

(Father: Are you talking in your sleep? There's nothing outside.)

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