ill die.
If he doesn't leave, he won't be able to clear the dungeon.

It's a fatal dilemma with no way out!

Where did my reasoning go wrong?

The process of reasoning had no flaws, so the problem must lie in the premises.

If the major premise that “I” is a ghost is incorrect, it'll naturally lead to contradictions in the conclusion.
Maybe the definition of “ghost” needs to be redefined.

Maybe the mention of leaving the “town” in the dungeon doesn't refer to the current “Small Town” where I am located.

In summary:

The Small Town is likely an inner world, and my first task should be to find a way to escape from this inner world and return to the surface world.
Besides, I must not expose the lie that “I” is already dead.

“Big brother, is something bothering you?”

His sister's words interrupted Gu Yi's thoughts.

Gu Yi turned his head and glanced at his sister, noticing that she was gradually becoming transparent.
He quickly took a sip of almond water and smiled, saying, “No, I was just lost in thought.”

“What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing, even if I told you, you wouldn't understand.”

The bus soon arrived home, and during the journey, Gu Yi had spent a total of forty minutes.
The countdown is now displayed [6 days 11 hours 30 minutes.]

In the kitchen, there were leftover dishes from his parents.
Gu Yi heated them up casually and finished his dinner.

Holding his phone, Gu Yi sat at his desk, lost in contemplation.

In the small town, the flow of his time and the countdown's time were not synchronized.
But when he stayed in the old house, the time flow became synchronized again.

“It seems I need to add another rule to the countdown's rules.”

Gu Yi took out a pen and paper and added this new discovery to the rules of the countdown.

If the outside of the small town is the surface world, then the old house is likely the place connecting the inner world and the surface world, which is why the time flow synchronizes.

After pondering for a moment, Gu Yi decided to explore the third floor of the old house.

(The deduction begins!)

(You drink a bottle of almond water and leave the room.)

(You walk straight up to the third floor.)

(At the end of the staircase on the third floor, there is a decaying wooden door.
You kick the lower right corner of the door panel but still can't open the door.)

(You take a detour and climb onto the ledge outside the third-floor window.)

(You lean on the outside of the window and pry it open.)

(You arrive on the third floor.)

(The room is full of dust, and you turn on the flashlight on your phone.)

(The corridor on the third floor is empty, with nothing except two isolated guest rooms.)

(One guest room is locked, and the other is not.)

(You walk into the unlocked guest room.)

(The room has a desk, and two mahogany chairs are placed opposite each other by the desk.)

(The mahogany chair facing away from you is slightly shorter and modestly decorated.)

(The mahogany chair facing you is slightly taller and lavishly decorated, with a lifelike golden dragon carved on the back.)

(You touch the desk, and it feels warm, almost like a living being.)

(You suddenly feel your phone starting to heat up.)

(You open it and see that the countdown is already at zero.)

(Everything around you starts to distort.)

(The void swallows you.)

(You turn into nothingness.)

(You die.)

(The deduction ends!)

“Hey, there's definitely something in this old house.”

Gu Yi opened his eyes and wrote down the third rule of the countdown on the paper.

[In the unlocked room on the third floor of the old house, the countdown speed will accelerate by a hundred times.]

“Besides a set of tables and chairs, there's nothing else on the third floor.
Those should be the props for later use in the plot.
The other room is locked, so there must be another key to open it.”

Gu Yi closed his eyes again and re-entered the deduction mode.

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