Chapter 60: Picking Up Sister from School (4)

“This doesn't make sense.
This hypothesis is unreasonable.

There's no way, after deciphering the puzzle, the system wouldn't reward me but instead, trigger an instant death flag.
The information provided by the anonymous user cannot be connected to this world, that's what the system might be implying.

The anonymous user is actually throwing a smokescreen at me, aren't they?”

Gu Yi pondered for a moment.

Currently, this contradiction cannot be resolved temporarily, and it doesn't need to be resolved.
Future progress will surely provide more clues to solve this contradiction.

For now, let's focus on finding a way to safely leave the school.


(Backtracking begins!)

(You hold the bloody painting from your sister and contemplate for a moment.)

(You squat in front of the air, using the gentlest tone possible to communicate with your sister.)

(You: Why did you draw like this?)

(The female teacher walks over and pats the air's head.)

(Female teacher: Maybe she had a nightmare recently? You should pay more attention to Gu Yao lately.)

(You: Alright, shall we go home then? Or should I take you out to eat something?)

(Suddenly, your red backpack opens.)

(The bottle of almond water flies out from it and shakes in front of your eyes.)

(You suddenly remember the mention of a convenience store in the [Old House Lease Instructions.])

(You: Do you want to go to the convenience store to buy a bottle of almond water?)

(You don't hear a response, but the bottle shakes up and down.)

(You: Okay, then be good and quiet.
I'll take you there.)

(You bid farewell to the teacher.)

(You hold your sister's hand and leave.)

(The two of you take a bus and arrive at the town's convenience store, consuming another 10 minutes of the countdown.)

(You terminate the deduction.)


Gu Yi stood up from the ground and patted his face.

Gu Yi arrived at the classroom and immediately spotted the teacher who was busy grading papers.

The female teacher looked up, wearing a pair of thick-bottom glasses.
Through the lenses, Gu Yi saw her lifeless dead fish-like eyes.

“Are you Gu Yao's brother?”

“That's right.” Gu Yi smiled and nodded.
“I've come to pick up Gu Yao and take her home.”

After speaking, Gu Yi walked straight to his sister's desk, skillfully helping her pack her bag.

The female teacher stood curiously behind Gu Yi and praised, “You're really diligent.
I see many parents who aren't as considerate as you.”

“My sister is someone I took care of.
Our parents don't pay much attention to her.”

Gu Yi lovingly looked at the empty space in front of him, as if there really was an adorable sister there.
He felt someone grab his sleeve and finally felt relieved.

—It seems that this is the right way to communicate with his sister.

He must sincerely acknowledge his sister's existence and genuinely take care of her.

“You're truly a good brother.”

“You flatter me.”

“However, there's something I need to tell you.
It would be best if you can have your parents come over.”

“My parents are busy, and they don't work in town.
I'm afraid they won't have a chance to come.
I take care of my sister's daily life and help her with her homework most of the time.”

“Ah…” The female teacher hesitated for a moment.
“Why don't you come with me then? Gu Yao, you wait here for a while…”

“No need.
I'll take her with me.”

Gu Yi followed the female teacher to the office, just as deduced.
The teacher took out the bloody painting.

Gu Yi received the painting, and a system prompt sounded in his ear.

“You have found the [Sister's Bloody Painting].”

“Plot exploration progress increased by 1%.”

Only 1%?

It seems that this thing doesn't hold much value to dig into.
It likely serves as a hint or clue.

“Teacher, what do you think of this painting?”

“I'm not an expert, but I think you should take the child to a major hospital's psychiatric department.”

“I understand.”

Gu Yi folded the bloody painting and put it in his backpack.
Then he turned around and squatted in front of his sister.

“Are you hungry?”

Gu Yi didn't see any response from his sister, but he confidently continued to communicate with her.

“I saw that you finished your almond water just now.
Do you want more?”

The sister took out the bottle of almond water.

The bottle of almond water floated in the air in front of Gu Yi.

“I'll take you to the convenience store later.
How about that?”

The bottle swayed up and down.

“Be good, and I'll take you there right away, okay?”

Gu Yi grinned, gently patted the air in front of him, and then led her toward the school gate.

The small backpack floated in mid-air, sticking closely to his side.

Gu Yi felt a chill in his palm, but his mind was still pondering the puzzle in the dungeon—what exactly was the sister beside him?

Or rather, what was he himself?

Gu Yi sat on the bus and dozed off for a short while.

When he opened his eyes, they had already arrived at the entrance of the convenience store.

The shopkeeper was a middle-aged man in his thirties or forties, with a big pompadour hairstyle.
There was a transistor radio playing next to his counter, broadcasting a storytelling show that sounded like the story of Water Margin.

“What would you like to buy?”

“Almond water.” Gu Yi paused.
“Two bottles.”

“Five yuan.”

Gu Yi bought two bottles, one for his sister and one for himself.
He opened one and took a sip.

The taste of the almond water was strange, and Gu Yi couldn't get used to it.
He only took a sip and wanted to throw the bottle away.

Just as he closed the lid, he heard a notification sound from the system.

“You have consumed [Almond Water]!”

“You have entered the Clairvoyance state, lasting for five minutes.”

Gu Yi blinked and suddenly felt a chilling sensation behind him.

He looked towards the village entrance, where it seemed like an endless tide of emptiness was rushing toward him.
As long as he took a step outside the town, he would be instantly swallowed by the void.

“What the heck?”

Gu Yi muttered in a low voice and suddenly felt his sleeve being tugged.

He turned his head and found that he could actually see his sister.

“I finished drinking it!”

His sister held up the empty bottle, her eyes innocent and pure.

Gu Yi was stunned for a moment.
“Do you want more?”

“No.” His sister shook her head.
“Let's go home.
I still have homework to do.”

“Okay, wait for me while I buy a few more bottles of almond water.”

Gu Yi nodded and bought a whole case of almond water from the shopkeeper.

With this, Gu Yi could communicate with his sister unimpeded.

“I was really careless.
The lease instructions did have a hint, but unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to it at all.
I was too focused on the puzzle of the family of three.


Why almond water?

Why do I have to drink a specific beverage from the dungeon to be able to see my sister? Is there a secret hidden in this?”

Gu Yi contemplated silently in his mind as he held his sister and waited for the bus at the bus stop.

The shopkeeper at the convenience store switched channels.

This time, instead of playing a normal storytelling show, he played a horror ghost story.

The narrator's voice was ear-catching, immediately capturing Gu Yi's attention.

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