ds about Chongshan Hospital, where people are only interested in the strange rules and no one cares about the rights and dignity of Petz.)

(In their minds, Petz is nothing more than a lab rat.)

(The lives of the Heavenly beings come first, and no matter how precious the lab rats are, they are not as valuable as the lives of the Heavenly beings.)

(Everyone will fall ill one day, and Petz serves as their reserve living organ bank.
How could they undermine this plan that seeks the well-being of all Heavenly Beings?)

(You give up on seeking help through public opinion.)

(A door opens outside.)

(The Dean angrily enters the office.)

(Dean: What are you doing here?)

(You: Trying to uncover the truth of this world!)

(Dean: You're done for.)

(The Dean takes out pen and paper, preparing to write down new rules.)

(You put on the elephant mask and simultaneously swallow the red pill.)

(You decide to confront the Dean directly and understand his specific abilities.)

(You transform into a monster.)

(You charge forward and snatch the pen and paper from the Dean.)

(The Dean is shocked and calls for the security department.)

(You blow the dog whistle, freezing all the security personnel in place.)

(You engage in a physical confrontation with the Dean.)

(You have a slight advantage.)

(The Dean fights while running, and the dark figure behind him becomes clearer.)

(The Elephant Repairman arrives in front of you.)

(You take out the spider egg and activate the spider with the toad.)

(A giant spider emerges from the egg and heads straight for the Elephant Repairman.)

(You hold the toad in your hand, and the spider doesn't dare to come near you.)

(The giant spider wreaks havoc in the hospital.)

(You catch up to the Dean.)

(Dean: Wait, don't come any closer.
I surrender.)

(You notice the Dean's hand behind his back, making a suspicious gesture.)

(You don't give him any chance, refuse to engage in any conversation with the Dean, and directly pounce on him.)

(The Unspeakable behind the Dean rushes out.)

(The Unspeakable lightly taps you.)

(You freeze in place.)

(Everything turns pitch black before your eyes.)

(You attempt to terminate the deduction.)

(But you fail.)

(The Unspeakable appears before you.)

(Unspeakable: You'll be trapped here until death.)

(You descend into an endless abyss.)

(You can't break free.)

(Your consciousness is gradually torn into fragments by the void.)

(You die.)

(Deduction ends!)

Gu Yi opened his eyes and returned to reality.


Gu Yi covered his temple with his hand.

The pain of being torn apart by the void still lingered in Gu Yi's mind, even now he can't alleviate it.

Not only that, but Gu Yi also heard the cold notification sound from the system.

“You faced the Unspeakable (Complete Form), and your mental power has been ravaged.”

“Your upper limit of mental power is reduced by 20 points, it can not be restored until the end of the dungeon.”

Gu Yi closed his eyes, feeling frustrated.

Reducing the upper limit of mental power by 20 points means that he can only conduct three consecutive deductions, greatly reducing the margin for error in his actions.

Thinking of using an exhaustive method to find the weakness of the Unspeakable is just wishful thinking.

Every time he will encounter the Unspeakable (Complete Form), it will inflict significant damage to his mental power.
If he continues to confront it without proper preparation, his mental power will eventually be reduced to zero.

“I'm already at the final step.
I can't give up now!”

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