and key.


Gu Yi held the basin and vomited out everything, even his dinner.

He rummaged through his vomit and finally found the key.

This time, he didn't make a mistake.

Gu Yi looked at his roommate, who was still sleeping with his eyes closed and won't respond no matter how much he teased him.

“Let's rest for a while.”

Gu Yi went to bed to take a rest, but instead of lying down, he leaned against the wall to rest his mind.
He planned to rest for a while and then use his talent to explore outside after midnight.

The clock strikes twelve.

Gu Yi opened his eyes.

Xu Nian still slept soundly, and outside the hospital, it was pitch black with only a few guards from the security department standing guard at the entrance.

Now was the most exhausting time for everyone, so it was the perfect time for him to explore.

“Begin Deduction.”

Gu Yi closed his eyes.

(Deduction begins!)

(You climbed out of bed.)

(You successfully used the key to open the door.)

(You carefully pushed open the door and the nurse on duty was dozing off, not noticing your small movements.)

(You sneaked out and went straight to the toilet.)

(You took out the hidden mask and clothes and put them on.)

(With the cover of the mask, you strolled around the hospital, and no one paid any attention to you.)

(You walked into the fire escape and headed to the basement.)

(The basement door was locked, and you didn't dare use the access card to open it.)

(You had to find another way in.)

(You sat at the stairwell for a while, and it seemed that Room 0 was on the basement level.)

(By going to Room 0 might be the only way to get to the basement level without using an access card.)

(Unable to go to the basement level, you decided to go upstairs.)

(The first floor was the inpatient area, the second floor was the treatment room, and you had never been to the third floor.)

(The door to the third floor was not locked, so you just pushed it open.)

(From east to west on the third floor, there were several offices.)

(Administration office, finance office, security department, specimen room, conference room, and Dean's office.)

(You crouched at the entrance of the administration office and looked inside for a while.
The lights were on, and there were several elephant masks inside, but no one was present.)

(You arrived at the door of the security department.)

(The security department was pitch black and you couldn't see anything.)

(You arrived at the door of the specimen room, where there were many cabinets and it was pitch black inside, making it difficult to see what specimens were inside.)

(You tried turning the doorknob and found that the specimen room was the only room that could be opened.)

(You entered the specimen room, and the moonlight from outside illuminated the room well enough that you didn't need to turn on the lights.)

(The room was filled with specimens of various animals, but without exception, these animals were several times larger than their real-life counterparts.)

(You noticed a frog specimen in the middle of the room.)

(The frog was about the size of a palm, and there were some characters below it.)

([Frogs are the natural enemies of ****].)

(There was a string of garbled characters in the middle, and you were ready to take off your mask to observe more closely.)

(At this moment, you suddenly heard a strange noise.)

(You turned around and saw a tall monster appear in front of you.)

(Each time you closed your eyes, the monster came closer to you.)

(The monster roared.)

(Your mask cracked as a result.)

(You quickly ran into the fire escape.)

(You found the monster blocking your way in front of you.)

(The monster reached out its hands towards your neck.)

(Your vision wett dark.)

(The monster snapped your neck.)

(You died.)

(Deduction ends!)

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