(You can only use the mask to fool people who are not familiar with Dr.

(And, you just hid the mask in the sewer, and it has already gotten wet.
In three days, the paint on the mask will start to peel.)

(But even so, the mask's functionality is still very powerful.)

(After putting on the mask, you can use the doctor's perspective to observe the world and obtain more clues.)

(You put on the mask and walked out of the toilet.)

(You decided to test the mask's abilities.)

(No one questioned or stopped you.)

(You gained great freedom.)

(You walked confidently to the computer.)

(You remembered the patient number of the female patient who was taken away by the Deer-headed man in the afternoon.)

(You entered the number on the computer.)

(The system prompts that your permission is insufficient to access the information.)

(You nodded, finally finding the commonality between you and the female patient.)

(You chatted with the nurse next to you.)

(You: Why can't we access this patient's medical record?)

(Nurse: I don't know, go ask the archives.)

(You: Okay.)

(Wearing a mask, you enter the elevator.)

(Using your access card, you arrive at the basement level.)

(As soon as the elevator door opens, the security personnel appears in front of you instantly.)

(They stare at you intently.)

(Security: Dr.
Gui? Aren't you supposed to be in Room 0? How did you escape?)

(You: You've got the wrong person.)

(The security personnel rush forward and press you down to the ground.)

(They remove your mask and discover that you are an impostor.)

(Security: You dare to steal? Go reflect in Room 0!)

(You are taken to Room 0 by security.)

(You are bitten to death by a giant spider monster.)

(Deduction ends.)

Gu Yi opened his eyes and thought carefully.

Encountering security personnel after exiting the elevator was not a coincidence; they must have tracked him down through some means.

The masks were registered with real names, and the access card was probably the same.

It must have been using Dr.
Gui's access card that led the security personnel to him.

Gu Yi decided not to continue the deduction.
Since he had found a way to safely obtain the mask, his purpose in the deduction had been achieved.

He wasn't in a rush to go to the basement yet; he needed to make use of the mask first and find a way to move and explore freely at night.

Gu Yi got up and left, heading straight to the toilet.

In the real world.

When Gu Yi successfully used the ruse to trick the doctor and nurse and successfully escaped from the treatment room, the audience immediately erupted.

“Wow, Yi is amazing!”

“Those who want to immigrate to Lighthouse Country, go ahead; I still want to live in Dragon Country where there are no Weird powers.”

“Don't celebrate too early, guys.
The death rate of this dungeon so far is almost 100%! And up to now, there are no crucial clues found by Gu Yi yet.”

The Dragon Country's strategy team watched Gu Yi's gameplay video repeatedly, summarizing the strategies to clear the dungeon.

“This kid Gu Yi is far more intelligent and brave than we imagined.”

“The move of stabbing himself to attract attention was so brilliant.”

“But what should he do next? The first time he used the feigned illness trick to avoid treatment, but what about the second time? He still needs to go back to the treatment room after he recovers.”

“That's right.
You can see that the hospital's security measures have become even stricter now.
They search every patient going in and out of the ward, and they don't even allow fruit knives in the ward.”

The real-world audience could see more details, and they also noticed that the hospital's management of patients had become even stricter.

Gu Yi's feigned illness trick could only be used once.

But what to do next?

No one knew.

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