Defy the Heavens, Defy Earth, and Defeat Scum

The fact that Gu Qingcheng had beaten Gu Mei up had already infuriated Chu He.

Now that Gu Qingcheng was here, she didn’t feel sorry for hitting Gu Mei at all.
She was even so arrogant.
She couldn’t stand it anymore.

Her almond-shaped eyes were filled with anger.
“Gu Qingcheng, you beat your sister up so badly that she’s covered in bruises.
Don’t you care about your sister? Why do you only care about people?”

“I didn’t kill her, so you should be content.
Don’t be so stubborn.” Gu Qingcheng’s cold eyes fell on the furious Chu He.
“Tell me, where did you kidnap her?”

“You…” Chu He was so angry that she didn’t respond to Gu Qingcheng’s question.
Instead, she accused her indignantly, “You’re too heartless.
Even if your sister has let you down in some way, you can’t be so ruthless.
She didn’t mean to hurt you.
As her sister, you should be broad-minded and not be so petty.
It’s just that she slept with Qin Jun.
So what if she slept with him? What’s the big deal?”

“Your beloved daughter, Gu Mei, clearly knows that Qin Jun is my boyfriend.
She even slept with him for many years and made me wear a green grassland on my head.
Isn’t that intentional?” Gu Qingcheng mocked Chu He.
“Why didn’t you think about how I felt when you snatched your own sister’s boyfriend? Why didn’t she think about how cheap it was? Now you want me to be broad-minded and not petty? How shameless.”

Chu He’s face turned red at Gu Qingcheng’s mockery.

“Mei is still young.
She doesn’t know anything and that’s why she did something wrong.
Can’t you give her a chance to make it up to you? Do you have to hurt her?”

“Insensible?” Gu Qingcheng laughed coldly at Chu He.
“Gu Mei is twenty years old this year.
If you say that a twenty-year-old woman is immature, then you mean that your daughter is mentally challenged.”

Chu He was so angry that her lungs were about to explode.

If it weren’t for the inheritance, she would have strangled this b*tch to death when Gu Qingcheng was still a child.
She wouldn’t have let this little b*tch show off in front of her.

“Hubby, listen to Qingcheng…” A sinister glint flashed across her eyes.
She turned to look at Gu Tianhao, who was crying his eyes out.
She wanted to use him to deal with Gu Qingcheng.
“Mei didn’t mean to hurt you.
She knows she was wrong.
Now, you almost killed her.
Sob, sob, sob…”

Gu Tianhao saw his beloved wife, Chu He, being humiliated by Gu Qingcheng.
It was as if she was insulting him.

“Gu Qingcheng, how dare you! I told you I would bring you justice,” he said angrily.
“You hurt Mei and Qin Jun before I could finish my investigation.
You have to give me an explanation for this.”

“What is there to explain?” Gu Qingcheng laughed coldly.
“A mother who’s a mistress and a daughter who’s a mistress.
This is called a crooked stick! As for Qin Jun, he personally told me that it was Mei who seduced him first.
It takes two to tango.
Neither of them is innocent.
They’re both despicable!”

“As for you saying that you will give me justice…” She paused and said mockingly, “Heh, you married Chu He before the seventh day of my mother’s death.
What justice can you give me? You guys will definitely discuss and deal with me together.
Since that’s the case, I’ll seek justice myself.”

Gu Tianhao’s face stiffened when he heard Gu Qingcheng mention his dead ex-wife.

“Stop talking about your mother! And you’re not allowed to mention that Chu He is a mistress,” he scolded Gu Qingcheng.
“When Mu Xia passed away, she specifically asked Chu He, whom I married, to be your mother.
This is your mother’s trust in Chu He.”

Before Gu Qingcheng could react, he glanced at Chu He with a pained expression and reprimanded her, “Besides, Chu He has been working hard for you for so many years.
Just because she’s a stepmother, there are many things that she can’t say to you.
Instead, it has increased your arrogance and made you keep bullying her and Mei…”

Hearing Gu Tianhao’s shameless words, Gu Qingcheng burst into laughter.

Because she didn’t believe a single word he had said.
She even wanted to rip open his chest to see if he still had a heart when she saw him continuously trying to clear Chu He’s name.


Gu Tianhao was heartless.
He was still tolerating her because of the inheritance.

However, the most shameless thing was that Gu Tianhao said that her mother, Mu Xia, knew Chu He when she was alive.

She was only five years old when her mother, Mu Xia, was sick.
Although she was not very sensible, she knew how to recognize people.

At that time, she had accompanied her mother many times.
Why had she never seen Chu He visit her mother?

Later on, Gu Tianhao used the excuse that his mother was seriously ill and could not be disturbed to prevent her from seeing her mother.
He also mentioned what Gu Mei had said before she died in her previous life.

It would be strange if she believed Gu Tianhao.

Her mother, Mu Xia, was killed by Chu He and Gu Tianhao.
She would definitely avenge her mother.

“I’m not here to listen to your lies.” She interrupted Gu Tianhao’s lecture harshly.
“Where is my teacher?”

“Tianhao, Qingcheng’s willfulness isn’t something she’s had for a day or two.
No matter how much you say, she won’t listen.” Qin Chong slammed the cup on the table, showing his dissatisfaction.

His expression was cold as he said slowly to Gu Qingcheng, “Li Jing is not only your teacher but your sister Gu Mei and my son Qin Jun are.
Now that Mei is lying in bed with serious injuries, it’s normal for a teacher to come to a student’s house to care for her.
You don’t have to be nervous.”

Gu Tianhao was interrupted by Gu Qingcheng.
He was about to scold her, but Qin Chong stepped forward to help him.
He decided to let him teach her a lesson on his behalf.

Gu Qingcheng hated people like Qin Chong.

They were the ones who killed her.

Their son and daughter had clearly violated the lowest moral standards and hurt her.

In the end, they said that it was her fault and that she was calculative.

She was the victim.
They had turned her black into white, making her admit her mistake and suffer.

It was a classic case of the victim being guilty!

These people did all kinds of bad things and did not deserve to live.
The heavens gave her a second chance to live because they wanted to deal with these bad people.

“Uncle Qin, Gu Mei has many teachers.
Why does Li Jing have to come to visit her? Kidnapping is kidnapping.
There’s no need to lie.” She sneered.
“Also, this is the Gu family.
An outsider like you has no right to criticize me.”

“You are too rude.” Qin Chong’s eyes sharpened at Gu Qingcheng’s retort.
“As the eldest daughter of the Gu family, she should be virtuous and virtuous.
When she is my son’s girlfriend, she should be obedient.
As a daughter, she should be filial to her parents and listen to them.
You hurt your parents, your sister, Gu Mei, and my son.
You failed to be a daughter, a mistress, and even a girlfriend.
You’re useless.”

Gu Qingcheng folded her arms and laughed at the old man.

“Which law states that I have to be virtuous and virtuous?” She asked Qin Chong and laughed at him, “You still have the face to say such rubbish as the three obedience and four virtues?” If you want to talk about this with me, then your son had an affair with Gu Mei when he was my boyfriend.
If this was in ancient times, men would be beaten to death and women would be drowned in a pig cage! If you follow the ancient etiquette so much, why don’t you go and kill this pair of trash with improper worldviews?

“As for what you said about me being filial as a daughter, I admit that as a child, I have to be filial to my parents.
But the premise is that my parents are worthy of filial piety.
If they are not worthy of filial piety, why should I be filial? Especially for some people who did not become parents after giving birth to a child… People like you wouldn’t understand the meaning of this sentence.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t have stood on Gu Tianhao’s side and helped him do evil.”

Qin Chong didn’t expect Gu Qingcheng to be so sharp-tongued.
Even the three of them couldn’t beat her.

He knew that Gu Qingcheng was no pushover, but he didn’t expect her to be so difficult to deal with.
He began to understand Gu Tianhao’s anger.

“You’re not worthy of my son, and you’re not worthy of being the eldest daughter of the Gu family.” He was so angry that his face turned ashen.
“You’re a shrew! An evil woman!”

Seeing Qin Chong trembling in anger, Gu Qingcheng felt relieved.

To deal with despicable people like them, she had to be more ruthless than them.

She deliberately smiled brightly and provoked Qin Chong, saying, “I’m just an evil woman.
I’m here to deal with you bunch of scumbags who have committed crimes.
What can you do to me?”

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