rned to look at Ji Sisi.
Without saying a word, she walked toward her.

Ji Sisi stood a few steps away from Gu Qingcheng, and she could feel the weight of Gu Qingcheng’s body pressing down on her like a mountain.

She was instantly drenched in cold sweat, feeling the fear of imminent disaster.

“You… Don’t come over…” She warned Gu Qingcheng in a trembling voice.
Seeing that Gu Qingcheng didn’t stop, she quickly turned to Huo Sicheng.
Huo… Help…”

Gu Qingcheng was already standing in front of Ji Sisi.
She raised her hand and aimed it at Ji Sisi’s face.

However, her palm did not land on Ji Sisi’s face.
Instead, her wrist was held by a slender hand with well-defined joints.

She looked over and saw Huo Sicheng’s face full of anger.
His grip on her wrist was so strong that it seemed like he wanted to break her wrist.

It hurt.

The heart-wrenching pain could not compare to her heartache.

Huo Sicheng glared at Gu Qingcheng coldly.
His thin lips parted, and his voice was as sharp as a knife.
“Don’t touch my woman.”

Gu Qingcheng had already been angered by Ji Sisi, and now that Huo Sicheng had said that he would protect Ji Sisi, her anger erupted like a volcano.
Lava engulfed her entire body, and even her pores were burning with rage.

What a good woman not to touch him.

She had touched Ji Sisi, so what could he do to her?

She gritted her teeth and glared at him.
“Huo Sicheng, let go!”

“I’m here.
I won’t let you hurt Ji Sisi.” Huo Sicheng’s attitude was firm, and he tightened his grip on Gu Qingcheng’s wrist.

At that moment, Chu Yu was relieved to see Gu Qingcheng angry.

This was because Gu Qingcheng looked like a normal person to him.
Gu Qingcheng, who had been calm earlier, was acting strangely.

“What are you waiting for? Do you want to be beaten to death by Gu Qingcheng?” He stepped forward and pulled Ji Sisi towards the door, whispering, “Hurry up and leave.”

Ji Sisi was so frightened that her entire body was trembling.
She looked both pathetic and pitiful.

She looked nervously at Huo Sicheng, who was confronting Gu Qingcheng, and said, “I can’t leave.
President Huo will be in danger if I leave.”

Chu Yu had already dragged Ji Sisi out of the office and into the elevator.
“You don’t have to worry.
Even if Gu Qingcheng demolishes the entire Huo Corporation today, President Huo won’t stop her.”

“What do you mean? Huo Corporation is Mr.
Huo’s blood and sweat,” Ji Sisi asked Chu Yu, puzzled.
“What right does Gu Qingcheng have to destroy the Huo Corporation? President Huo won’t allow her to do that.”

“You don’t know anything.” Chu Yu pushed Ji Sisi into the elevator.
I’ll give you a week off.
“Rest well at home.
Remember, don’t come to the company without my notice.
Otherwise, don’t blame me if you lose your life.”

Ji Sisi asked Chu Yu in confusion, “Mr.
Chu, what do you mean I don’t know anything? Tell me, what happened?”

Chu Yu didn’t answer Ji Sisi.
He just watched the elevator door close.

Ji Sisi’s question echoed in his ears, and he muttered to himself with a complicated look in his eyes, “Because if President Huo really wanted to stop Gu Qingcheng, he wouldn’t have let her enter Huo Corporation.
That’s why Gu Qingcheng was able to come to Mr.
Huo’s office and make a scene without stopping him.
That means that no matter what, her place in Mr.
Huo’s heart will never be replaced.”

Then, he looked in the direction of the CEO’s office and quickly walked over with worry in his eyes…

At that moment, in the office, Gu Qingcheng saw that not only was Huo Sicheng protecting Ji Sisi, but Chu Yu was also protecting Ji Sisi as they led her away.
Jealousy burned in her heart as she tried to break free from Huo Sicheng’s grip, but he tightened his grip on her.

“Let me go!” she shouted at him.

“Gu Qingcheng, haven’t you had enough? Stop causing a scene!” Huo Sicheng snapped.

“Causing a scene?” Gu Qingcheng was so angry that she was completely under control.
“Who’s messing with you?! I’m here to teach you a lesson.
I’m here to teach you that since you’re my man, you should know that you have to pay the price for cheating on me!”

Unable to retract her hand, she raised her leg and kicked Huo Sicheng in the chest.

With a thud, Huo Sicheng’s chair fell to the ground.

The piercing pain in his chest made him groan in pain.

Gu Qingcheng didn’t give Huo Sicheng a chance.
She bent down and grabbed his tie.
They were only a piece of paper apart, and their eyes met.

“Huo Sicheng, your woman can only be me, Gu Qingcheng! You are my person in life and my soul in death.
There’s no divorce between us, only widowhood.” She warned him fiercely, “So if you dare to have any contact with Ji Sisi again, I’ll break your limbs and cripple you.
Do you hear me?”

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