dy protecting your President Huo.” Gu Qingcheng giggled, and with her eyes full of smiles, she said to Ji Sisi, “I can say whatever I want.
Even the emperor can’t control me! Who are you, Ji Sisi? Stop acting like a b*tch in front of me.”

“You… Gu…” Ji Sisi’s face stiffened.
She seemed to know Gu Qingcheng’s personality.
She timidly hid behind Huo Sicheng.
“President Huo, I’m scared.”

“Don’t be afraid.” Before Huo Sicheng could react, Gu Qingcheng comforted Ji Sisi with a smile.
“Secretary Ji, what are you waiting for? What were you doing with President Huo earlier? You treated me like air and continued to do it with him.”

Ji Sisi blushed even more at Gu Qingcheng’s blunt words.

“Miss Gu, what President Huo and I do is our privacy.” Ji Sisi straightened her back and faced Gu Qingcheng, then said in a coquettish voice, “I was just serving President Huo comfortably when you came uninvited to disturb us.
Please leave immediately.”

If someone had provoked Gu Qingcheng like Ji Sisi, she would have taught them a lesson long ago.

However, she didn’t lose her temper that day.
Instead, she calmly didn’t teach Ji Sisi a lesson.

She stood up from the sofa and walked to Huo Sicheng.

She looked at him and saw the impatience in his eyes.


He was impatient and hated her.

She raised her leg and stomped her high heels on Huo Sicheng’s leg.
She raised her hand and pinched his chin hard, as if a queen was forcing him to look at her.

“What if I don’t leave?” She seemed to be talking to Ji Sisi, but she was actually talking to Huo Sicheng.

Up close, Huo Sicheng and Gu Qingcheng’s eyes met.
He could clearly feel the fiery anger in her breath as it landed on his face, revealing the anger in her heart.

Seeing her angry, a voice in his head told him that he liked it when she was angry with him.

He felt the pain from the force of her sharp high heels deliberately stepping on his leg.
From the corner of his eye, he could see her seductive long legs.
Because of her movements, the scenery under her skirt was faintly visible, and it captured his heart.

In an instant, his hand tightened, his breathing stopped, and his Adam’s apple bobbed.
His entire body became hot.

Damned woman!

Who allowed her to dress like this? Which man was she going to seduce?

Ji Sisi was stunned by Gu Qingcheng’s actions.

“Miss Gu, how could you do this to President Huo? You’re too impudent!” She raised her hand to pry Gu Qingcheng’s hand away from Huo Sicheng’s chin.
“Don’t touch President Huo.
Let go.”

Gu Qingcheng didn’t wait for Ji Sisi to touch her before she slapped her.

With a loud slap, five red fingerprints appeared on Ji Sisi’s face.

She subconsciously covered her right cheek and looked at Gu Qingcheng in disbelief, as if she couldn’t believe that she had been slapped.

As the sound of a slap rang out, this slap seemed to have hit Chu Yu’s face, causing him to tremble.

Ji Sisi glared at Gu Qingcheng.
“How dare you hit me…”

“If I feel like hitting you, I’ll hit you.
I don’t have to pick a day!” Gu Qingcheng’s smile was gentle, but there was a sharp chill in it.
“Ji Sisi, I haven’t even settled the score with you yet, and you’re calling me presumptuous? I think you’re courting death!”

Ji Sisi looked at Gu Qingcheng’s smile and felt her scalp tingle.
She felt that Gu Qingcheng looked even more like a demon when she smiled.
It was terrifying.

“President Huo, are you just going to watch me get beaten up like this?” She begged Huo Sicheng pitifully.

Huo Sicheng’s eyes burned with anger.
“Gu Qingcheng, how dare you touch my woman!”

“I’ve been bold since I was young.
It’s not the first time you know.” Gu Qingcheng glared at Huo Sicheng.
“I would dare to touch you, not to mention Ji Sisi!”

Ji Sisi had long heard of Gu Qingcheng’s reputation as an evil woman.
Now that she saw that Gu Qingcheng wasn’t even afraid of President Huo, she felt that she was in danger, but she couldn’t leave.
After all, she was now President Huo’s woman.

“Miss Gu, this isn’t the Gu residence.
This is Huo Corporation.
Don’t go too far!”

“I went overboard?” Gu Qingcheng looked at Ji Sisi and sneered.
“Ji Sisi, do you know what my relationship with Huo Sicheng is?”

Stunned, Ji Sisi asked Gu Qingcheng, “What’s your relationship with President Huo?”

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