We Can’t Be Friends

01 - The Code Game for Listed Companies

At 2:48 a.m. leading into my workday, I opened my eyes and pretended that I had just woken up from a nightmare, not that I hadn slept since the moment I went to bed. Im not usually an easy sleeper, and thinking about the projects Im working on over the next few days makes me even more restless, but I think the real reason for the insomnia is that Im not at my place.

I looked to the right, and Li Haoyi was lying beside me. Except for the faint sound of cars honking from the window in the middle of the night, the only sound in the room was the sound of his regular breathing in his deep sleep. So, I rolled over and lay on my left side, picking up my phone from under the pillow. I opened the messenger and went back and forth through my online friend list. Unsurprisingly, there are not many people online, and the ones who are are jet-lagged friends living in the United States, old acquaintances who haven been in touch for many years, and whose lives are completely different. If I want to chat with them seriously, I would have to relearn about them as if they are a new person, like changing jobs to a new company.

Speaking of which, at this moment I just want to chat a bit before going to bed, I don want to talk seriously, so I have to give up on these opportunities. When I was about to put down the phone, a message suddenly came: ”Little Night Cat, you are still sleeping? ”

The personal photo sticker of the incoming message was a big-eyed OL who sits next to me in the office but interacted with me every day. A colleague who used gossip to express her nature, Han Kefei.

”Why are you still online? Are you taking a day off tomorrow? ” I replied in surprise.

”No, Im sleeping at the company… ”

I was stunned for a moment, thinking about which project she had handled recently, when I saw Kefeis next message pop up on the screen: ”in a Nearby Hotel. ”

”…. ”

”I lied to you. Hahaha! ”

What Kefei is best at is this method of punctuation and chatting. She deliberately breaks sentences in strange places and takes advantage of the time difference between punctuation. She can create misunderstandings, gain sympathy, and create an ambiguous atmosphere. In the company, whether it be the interns who came in during the summer vacation, or the middle-aged uncles with wives and children, they can all be amused by her. This is why, although she remains single forever, every night she always has someone around her.

”You are really strong. You are almost thirty and you can go party every weeknight. ” Im not flattering her at all. Kefeis social vitality is amazing. Unlike me, I just want to go home and watch TV after I get off work. Occasionally I go out with Haoyi to go shopping in a department store, but I get tired after walking through a few isles, let alone staying until dawn in a confined space with loud noises and the smell of smoke.

”Come on, Im getting old too, and Im going to take the elite short-running route for hunting. When I see a suitable target, Im going to leave the game and check in. How can I be like a few years ago, playing with others? ”

”Foreplay? ”

”Stop talking about this, why are you still up late? Your boyfriend proposed to you? ”

”No! I just can sleep. Besides, whats the point of insomnia after being proposed to by my boyfriend? ”

”You are settling for one tree, but what about the whole forest? ”

”…You get serious about getting a boyfriend first and then worry about this kind of problem! How is the quality of the person next to you tonight? ” Even though Kefei always talks about these frivolous Two-Four-Threes, there is only supply when there is demand. The stable love life can limit her colorful nomadic story. Only by indulging her, she has become a more outspoken dissolute woman.

”2891, financial stocks are only collected from 2880 and 2883. ” 2891, 2880, and 2883 refer to the stock trading codes of CITIC Gold, Huanan Gold, and the China Development Fund. Kefei doesn buy stocks, but is fascinated by these stock codes. For her, a string of stock codes represents the corporate culture of a listed company, and may also reveal the personality traits of the companys employees. Just like the horoscopes and blood types, it is the fastest way to master a mans socioeconomic status and income. Its the entry point for income and career prospects.

Kefei has a lot of fun outside, but shes not stupid. As an employee of a well-known listed company, she knows how to protect herself, so as not to slander the companys reputation. Therefore, when she goes out for a walk, party, socialize, and chats with others, Kefei will never exchange business cards, but she can reveal the companys stock code. Men and women who have just met in the dark night play a little game of guessing each others stock code, which will add interest on one hand. On the other hand, it can also filter out the employees of non-listed companies that she despises.

When it comes to stock code, Kefei will talk about her most romantic one-night stand. Once, facing a handsome and familiar man in an Armani suit with a strange grammar but standard Mandarin, Kefei guessed a dozen numbers, and the man smiled and shook his head, saying that he was not on these stock codes at all. Kefei rolled her eyes and was about to retreat, but the man grabbed her and traced two letters in her palm.

She thought it was the sexiest two letters in her life–MS. One of the three largest investment banks in the United States, Morgan Stanley. MS man was right, none of those Taiwan stock codes can become his label. He is from a foreign company listed on the New York Stock market, and the transition from four numbers to two English letters is dramatic enough to make Kefei heartbroken.

However, the treatment of foreign companies is a bit higher than that of local companies, which seems to give MS men the upper hand in this love game. Coupled with the low loyalty style of MS men who are infected with foreign businessmen, this beautiful encounter is ultimately a dewy marriage end. Accidentally seasick, Kefei entangled the MS male for three days without success. In a fit of rage, she vowed to collect one-night stand targets in local financial stocks.

”The men of 2883 can be your grandpa, and the quality of 2880 will not be your thing. You should not be obsessed with collecting financial stocks! Its not like you can call back MS men when you are full! ”

”I didn trust the MS guy for a long time, but the 2891 guy I slept with tonight isn my Tiancai. ”

”He isn Tiancai, but you still opened a room with him? ”

”…you have to stop being hungry when you go out! Are you free after we get off work tomorrow? I think Ive finally found Tiancai, but I need some assistance. ”

”Why? If you want to socialize, just go by yourself, don let me be scolded to death by my boyfriend! ”

In the past three years, Haoyi and I have not lived together, but we have discussed marriage. Haoyi never restricts my social life, but for the sake of expressing my respect for this relationship, I never participate in friendship leagues, and no longer meet alone with male friends.

”You say you are going to dinner with your colleague, and thats true anyway! Its just that youll go with me for drinks after dinner… ”

”Im going to bed. Goodnight. ” I can still maintain a loyal heart under persuasion, and I really deserve to be awarded a chastity arch.

”Zhou Weiwei, youve known me for so long, when have I ever asked you to help me in such a low voice as tonight? ”

No… wait, is this tone called low voice?!

”Also, youve known me for so long, have I ever said that I met Tiancai like tonight? ”

I go back through the history one by one, and the answer is indeed no. Even the famous MS guy has never been named a celestial dish by Kefei, so I really have nothing to say this time. ”Even if I accompany you to see Tiancai, so what? What do you want? ”

”Help me assist! ” Han Kefeis four-character imperial decree was printed on the screen, and I sighed, wondering whether I should agree or not.

I turned back to the right in a daze and saw that Haoyi was still asleep on the bed. The so-called cannibalism is soft-mouthed and short-handed; the same can be proved, listening to peoples ears is soft. Usually, I always love to hear about Kefeis affair, but now I can only repay it with tears.


After work, I can even escape. I was escorted by Kefei all the way from the company to the restaurant before entering the door, and she forcibly dragged me into the bathroom.

”What are you doing? Im starving to death! Aren we going to eat? ” I didn know.

Kefei looked at me up and down with a look of disgust. ”Are you doing to have a friendship like this? Eye makeup is on, and career lines are not revealed. Tsk! Are your stockings still torn?! Distribute some pheromones! ”

”What pheromones! Aren I your green leaf tonight? The more sloppy I am, the more I can make you look beautiful in front of Tiancai… ”

”Zhou Weiwei, you have to listen to me seriously about this matter. It was because of 2891 last night that Tiancai was invited, but 2891 has been pestering me. I need you to help me take him away first, giving me and Tiancai a chance to be alone. ”

”What?! ” I almost thought I heard it wrong. ”What do you want me to do?! ”

”Its just pretending that you are interested in him, and making his second half hard enough to want to go with you. ” Kefei explained to me in plain language, while loosening the collar button for me with a slender hand. She reached into my chest quickly and accurately to pull my bra to express my cleavage.

”I don want it! ” I moved Kefeis hand away in displeasure. Even assists have to be limited. Do I have to scratch my head in front of other men behind my boyfriends back? What, are you kidding?

”Oh, I didn want you to really go with him! After you take him out of the restaurant, you can find an excuse to get away, pretend something is wrong, or you can ask Li Haoyi to pick you up! ” Kefei folded her hands together.

”Weiwei please, this boy is really diff

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