Oh My Love, The Last.

Starting with that first strike, the agitated people began to rush toward the police.
They break through the barricades in a flash of anger. Click, click, click- All the actions recorded left a naked scar in the memory of the frantically spinning camera. 

“Ha Joyoon!”

A familiar voice echoed through the exploding crowd.
The frantic hand movements paused for a moment.
When he turned his head, he saw Song Jina in a pleasantly simple outfit among the crowd.



“Song Jina?… What are you doing here? You belong to the international news department.”

Ha Joyoon was at a loss for words at the unexpected meeting so it took a moment before he called her. 

“The local department needed more manpower so I’m filling in.
Are you here for the coverage? Alone?”



“I came with a colleague, but suddenly people started pouring in so I got lost.
I was wandering around and saw you, so I came over.
I guess I’ll have to hold onto a rotten rope.”

Her mischievous laughter did not last long, disappearing without a trace after a short while.
The protestors were incited by the violence – not violence inflicted on the citizens, but just violence in general – and began to lose control.



Anger-filled shouts came again and again.
Attempts to soothe the situation were broadcasted over the speakers, but were drowned out and became a meaningless echo.
In no time, the square became a mess with angry people.

Ha Joyoon stared at Song Jina’s trembling hand holding his shirt sleeve and grabbed her wrist to give her support.


“Let’s stay together.
It could get dangerous in the crowd.” 

“Who’s this reliable person?”

“You called it a rotten rope.”

“Do you have anywhere to hold on to? You’re just bones.”

“Hehe.” Before Song Jina’s nervous laugh was cut off when a water cannon was fired at the citizen in front of her. 

“Wh-what the hell! Are they crazy?! Shooting a water cannon directly at a person like that?! Those crazy bastards!”

Song Jina shouted loudly, biting her red lips.
Water cannons mixed with tear gas were indiscriminately attacking people who had no sort of defense.
Pained screams burst forth from place to place.

“Stay behind me and don’t come out.
It seems like the police have lost their eyes now.
It’s dangerous with them shooting randomly.”


“Don’t lose me and hold on tight.”

Hiding the infuriated Song Jina behind his back, Ha Joyoon took the camera in his hands again. Click- Click- Click- The camera’s shutter did not stop.
In order to not miss a single moment, the photojournalist’s hand was constantly moving.


All history had to be recorded.
The scene unfolding before him was of the brutal execution of sovereignty collapsing in the face of public power.
The attack did not stop even towards the people supporting the fallen.

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“Jina-ya, stay back, it’s dangerous.”

“Wh-where are you going? Yoon-ah!”

“I’ll be right back!” 

He turned his eyes to the man again.
The half-opened eyes and bloodstains did not look good.
Ha Joyoon began to run towards him, without taking the time to think.
It just so happened that police forces detected his movements as he popped out of the crowd.
The direction of the water cannon, which was heading towards the protesters, suddenly changed.



Along with the screams of Song Jina, a great shock hit his head.
Before he could recognize the attack, everything became dark.
Even with a voice mixed with tears calling out to him, his consciousness gradually faded away. 

I once imagined what the last moments of life would be like.
It was after I saw the death of a correspondent caught in a photo of Adrees Latif covering Myanmar’s anti-government protests.
He raised his arms holding the camera until the last minute he was shot dead by government forces.
Even in his last breath, he was desperately trying to show the cruel reality.
As such, I thought that perhaps I would spend my last moments on the scene of a civil war as well.
I wasn’t thinking that such a thought itself would be painful for those who were waiting for me and loved me.

One day, it was a night when I was tired after taking photographs and slept wherever I could lie down as usual.
A boy lying on the sand dune of the desert together with me and watching the glowing moon smiled sadly, put his hand next to his ear, and whispered.

الوقت كالسيف إن لم تقطعه قطعك

‘Time is like a sword… 

If you can’t cut it, it will cut you.’


The sharp sword of time you spoke of cut through my love and my life.
My selfish choices hurt him and drove him away.
No matter how much I look back, there is no one to protect me now.
Was this what it felt like to have nowhere to go back to? He was the reason for my return, but now I have lost it. 

“… n-ah…!” 

“… Yoon…!”

His blurred vision gradually became clearer over a long period of time at the sound of a voice ringing throughout his head.
“Yoon-ah, Yoon-ah-” It was a rough and painful voice, resembling a shriek.


“Yoon-ah! Yoon-ah, can you hear me?”


“Yoon-ah… Yoon-ah, how… hic… are you okay? Cr-crazy bastards don’t want to kill people but if you shoot at them like that then… ugh… just wait and watch how I report them…! Waaah…”

As he blinked slowly, the first thing he saw was Song Jina’s face, covered with tears and all her makeup gone.
Her messy appearance unconsciously brought a smile to his face.
It was obvious that she had moved him from the place he had fallen.
It must not have been an easy task to move an adult man who had fainted amidst the chaos.
Ha Joyoon licked his dry lips, feeling sorry.

“Song Jina…”

“Huh? Hic… whyyy…” 

“Your makeup is all ruined…”

Song Jina’s cry grew louder at the gentle voice that had no energy in it.
He lifted his arm, which had become as heavy as lead, and wiped her cheek which was wet with tears.
Hot liquid dampened his fingertips along with clumps of dust.
Song Jina’s eyes rose sharply as she let out a low laugh at her messy appearance.

“What are you saying… hic… you were passed out for two hours.
I’m sorry, I should’ve taken you to the hospital as soon as I could, but the crowd is so bad that even paramedics can’t get through…”

“What about my camera?” 

“You idiot, you’re worried about your camera in this situation?!”

“It can’t get wet…”

“What do you mean it can’t huh? It’s all wet and the lenses are broken!”

Song Jina cried out as she was taken aback. Broken? Unknowingly, he let out a sigh due to feeling upset.
However, the conversation mixed with resentment was brief. Aaaahh- The scene was still in chaos with shouts and sirens. 

In the lunacy-filled atmosphere that had not subsided at all, Ha Joyoon realized that he and Song Jina were still at the scene.
It was a bad situation. For now, I should leave this place with Song Jina… he thought as he touched the ground with both hands.

“Jina-ya, we can’t stay here…”

“Stay right there.”

An irritated voice rang in his ear from right behind him.
As he turned around, he saw an unexpected person.
The man, who was checking his phone in an uncomfortable position with one hand on the block, was definitely his boss, with whom he ended a call a few hours ago.
Surprise crept over his pale face.
Then, a strange feeling of discomfort, pain, and relief mixed together. 

Shin Kwonjoo had his cold expression on as usual.
However, his condition was a little strange.
His hair, which was always perfectly combed, was somewhat disheveled while his clothes were covered with dust.
The side profile of Shin Kwonjoo, staring at the scene of the protest as he breathed roughly, was so stern that it was enough to prevent a ray of light from passing through.

When Ha Joyoon started to get up, the jacket that barely covered him fell down.
It was at least two sizes larger than his own.
It was Shin Kwonjoo’s..


“… Sunbae-nim?”

His voice was hoarse, as if he had been out in the cold for a long time.
The man turned to look at him fiercely.
The condensed universe filled his eyes as if it were on the verge of exploding.
Ha Joyoon unknowingly shrank in the shape of his eyes.
The body that was hit by the water cannon was soaked with water, and the white face was as pale as a corpse.
Shin Kwonjoo’s gaze on him grew more fierce.
It was Song Jina’s cry that broke the uncomfortable silence. 

“I called him.
Hic… I couldn’t protect you properly myself.
You weren’t even responding…”


“Are you okay?”

Song Jina gasped as she wiped away her tears that flowed uncontrollably.
Ha Joyoon looked around helplessly because of the embarrassing and confusing situation.
“Sunbae-nim.” At the sound of the small, quiet voice calling out to him again, the man slowly glanced at Ha Joyoon.
It was then that his cream-colored shirt, pants, and shoes, contaminated with dust and various floating substances, caught his eye.
Ha Joyoon completely lifted himself up, picking up the jacket that had fallen on the ground.
He  looked like such a mess that no one would point it out even if they wanted to. 


Ha Joyoon stood up forcefully before he soon fell down again, moaning involuntarily at the pain that weighed heavily on his entire head.


Song Jina’s worried voice mixed with tinnitus, making him dizzy.
“Ugh…” Ha Joyoon closed his eyes, forcing back a pained moan.
Medicine… Did he bring it? He fumbled on the floor looking for his bag and soon realized that he had nothing with him except his camera.
At that moment, an arm with strong muscles and tendons pulled him. 

“Get on my back.”


Suddenly, his body was turned towards the wide back that appeared in front of him, without him having the time to come to his senses.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” 

Though his cold tone pierced his heart, he soon gave up his pride.
Even if he thought about it calmly, it was impossible to get out of this place while taking care of Song Jina as she is now.
Above all, He had a severe headache and was feeling the chills from the cold water.
Rather than wasting time by making a fuss for the sake of his self-respect, it was urgent to move quickly even with the help of a man.
He shoved away his embarrassment and surrendered himself to the other person.

“…I’m sorry.”

“Why didn’t you listen to me? Didn’t I tell you not to rush in carelessly?”

“I wasn’t trying to take a photograph…” 

At the clumsy excuse, his hasty gaze changed like a sharp spear.

“Do you realize that running through a crowd of thousands of frantic people is insane in itself? Are you sure you’ve been shot before?”


“…I’m sorry.”

“I seriously don’t understand you.” 

Thinking it was strange to see him angry with such a serious face, he awkwardly held onto his shoulder slightly, and an order was issued again out of annoyance.

“Do you want to fall again? Grab on tight before you fall off!”

“Sorry? …Okay.”

He hurriedly answered and relaxed his body.
As leaned forward, Shin Kwonjoo’s arm, which was firmly supporting his body, tightened.
His trembling body soon found stability with his firm support. 

“Where did you say the paramedics are?”

“At the eastern exit, I was told to move over since they’re still helping people there.”

“Song Jina-ssi, carry his bag and follow me.”

“Okay, yes, Sunbae-nim.” 

Despite the order mixed with honorifics and informal speech, Song Jina rubbed her messy face with both hands, picked up the bag on the ground, and followed them.
Ha Joyoon’s body trembled along the long stride.
Unlike the usual dry yet refreshing scent, the man’s back against his cheek was wet with sweat, a mix of dust and body odor.
It was a mix of persistence and stubbornness. His shirt is getting wet with the water that has soaked my body. Seeing the growing stain of the water, Ha Joyoon quietly apologized.

“Sunbae-nim, your clothes are all wet because of me…”


“Oh, Sunbae-nim, please don’t call home.
They’ll be worried sick…” 

“…Be quiet.”

The voice that answered was harsh.
“Haha.” The man’s back muscles stiffened when he let out a low laugh.
Ha Joyoon took a deep breath, leaving his complicated feelings behind.
Drowsiness flooded in like a tide from his fatigue and headache.

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