Valentin was fixing his cufflinks as he was getting ready to have a huge meeting with his main rivalry Gadot.

They had been enemies for a very long time and this was the first time that they would meet in a civilized way.

Hopefully, they would be no guns that are used today, but if push comes to shove there would be some bloodshed.

Valentin put his revolver in the back of this suit and went out. He was met by his second-in-hand man Rex, they had known each other the longest.

They went to the car waiting for him, he sat at the back and Rex went to another car, when all their man were in cars they left in a convoy.

It had been Gadots idea for them to meet at a neutral area that wasn well known to the both of them.

They arrived at Crimson, a well-secluded area, they could conclude a deal or treaty. The cars came to a stop.

It was dark out but it was well expected as it was nine in the evening. Valentin climbed out and Rex came next to him and they walked as the other members of their team followed them in.

Valentin saw Gadot also arriving and coming out of his car, they walked in without a word. They were led in by the hosts and Valentin knew that he and Gadot would be the only two to get in the room for the negotiations.

He nodded to Rex that he would be fine, and Gadot got in and sat on the opposite side of the table. The door was closed and it was now him and his hugest rivalry.

He could see that Gadot truly hated him and it was a mutual feeling that they had to disguise for now.

He knew he had to keep it in for a bit more until he got what he wanted from them and he would crush Gadot and everything that he had.

”Valentin, I have been waiting for the moment to see you in person. ”

”Likewise Gadot, this is a meeting that was long overdue. ”

”Lets cut to the chase Valentin, did you bring the treaty? ”

”Of course, why would I be here? ”

Valentin took out some papers fro

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