your message.
You will be evacuating the city too, right?”

“That was the plan… But I have some business to take care of, so I’ll be staying.
Can we talk in the back?”

“Very well.
Please wait a second.”

Drett gives out some more instructions, and we head to the room used for negotiations.

“First, I know this is unreasonable, so you can say no if you want.”

I can’t pretend it’s not dangerous.
I wouldn’t normally care about an evil businessman, but considering how he acted about Sera’s circumstances, and how his brother Drekk treated me, I want to be honest with him too.

Then again, it could all be an act to make it easier to do business.

“This girl is Mia, the saint.
I want to help her escape.”

“So… You’re telling me to become an enemy of the Holy Kingdom of Frieren?”

Am I? I guess the head of the church is like the king here, so that’s what it means to go against him.

I look at Mia, and nod.

“I see…”

He’s looking up.
It’s probably too much to ask.

When he faces me again, his usual smile is gone, and is replaced by a scarily serious expression.

“I am also a businessman.
What would I have to gain, if your wish were to come true?”

“It takes at least five days to get to the next town, and you don’t have the food supply to keep all the slaves fed in the meantime, right? First, I will provide that.”

“I see.
But don’t you think it would be good to have a driver and guards, just in case?”

He’s right.

“Sera and Hikari will be going as guards.
With the stampede happening, you never know what might happen on the road.
At the very least, you know how capable Sera is, right?”

“I guess I do, but…”

Is he indecisive? Then let’s go for one more push.

“I’m giving you an item bag to keep the food.
Of course, you can have it for free when this is over.”

I take food from the Item Box, and shift it to an item bag.
He has about twenty slaves total, right? I’m giving him enough food to last ten days, if they don’t go crazy with it.

“And if the gatekeepers find out about Mia, just push through.
You can say I forced you to.
Sera, if Mia is discovered, go wild and run away with her.
But your life comes first, got it?”

I give him the item bag.
He’s about to take it, hesitates, but then ends up taking it.

I figured he was going to demand more, but no.

He really does come across like too nice of a person.
Why is someone like him even a slaver? Maybe it’s my bias talking again.

But I want to work out some tricks to lessen the risk.”

I look at Mia and hesitate to propose what I’m thinking, but end up doing it.

“Mia, I’m sorry, but can you form a slave contract?”

I say, knowing she can’t really refuse.

Slaves don’t have to present their identification when entering or exiting a town.

“And I know this is a bad thing to ask a girl, but cut your hair.”

She has beautiful blonde hair flowing down to her back, but it attracts too much attention, so I have to ask her to cut it.

She doesn’t hesitate to say yes to both proposals.


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