>I can’t even process what I hear.

And the eyes of the cardinals around me slowly turn to me.

“It is unfortunate, I was also fooled by how devoted you seemed.”

I feel a sudden pain.

I stumble and take a step back, and feel an impact on my left flank that feels like it burns.

I look down, and see red staining my mainly white clothes.

My first reflex is to cast heal, but I can’t move very well.

I fall to my knees, look up, and then face back.

My eyes meet the eyes of a guard, who is holding a dagger.

His eyes are painted with hatred.

I’m scared.
My mind is saying I have to get away, but my body won’t listen.

Someone help.
I want to call for help, but my voice won’t come out.
Instead, tears start streaming down my face.

I hear someone scream, and noise jumps into my ears.

I don’t understand what is being said.
My consciousness feels hazy.

My eyes feel like they’re being drawn to the floor, and then it feels like my body is floating.

I look back at everyone, and see they all look surprised.

Their faces are gradually moving away.
No, I’m the one that’s moving.

One of the cardinals steps forward.
He’s the shortest, and youngest cardinal.
The youngest person to ever take that position, and someone who is called a prodigy.

He nods, and puts out his hand.

My eyes are drawn to that hand.
I feel magic energy gathering in it.

Oh no.
It’s dangerous.
This is bad.
I feel like alarm bells are going off.

Magic energy is coming.
The distance doesn’t matter, it will be here in an instant.

But it looks really slow to me.

It’s like death is approaching one step at a time.

Yes, this is the end.

No no no! I don’t want to die!

I yell, but no noise actually comes out.

I want to live.
Dying in such a stupid way is too sad.

This is too much.
Even if it’s punishment for being selfish.

I just made friends.
I made such fun memories, and I want to make a lot more.

There was finally color on that gray scenery.

And I even found someone I’m interested in.

I don’t really understand these feelings, but I can tell they’re really important.

Magic energy explodes with a loud noise.
It feels like the whole building is shaking.

I’m being assaulted by an extreme languid feeling, and my consciousness feels hazy, but I’m alive.
I don’t know why, but I’m alive.

I’m held by a guard, and the way I’m shaking is strangely relaxing, which prompts me to let go of my consciousness completely.


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