No, I’m not getting sullied by money!

“If that’s all, I’ll be going.”

I don’t think I’m getting anything out of this.
The reputation of the merchant guild has been tanking lately anyway.

“Wait… Hold it.”

He insists, and I stop and turn around.

He glares at me like he’s made up his mind about something, and starts speaking.

“If that’s your attitude, we have an idea too.
All right?”

Is that a threat? Is he getting mad at me because he doesn’t want to admit fault?

“I see.
Then I’m going to take these potions to the chemist guild and the alchemist guild.
I’ll ask them how much they’re willing to pay for them.”

Then I’ll respond in kind.

“And then I’ll tell everyone how much the merchant guild told me they’d pay me for them.
I assume that’s not a problem.”

If I let them look down on me, the same thing is bound to keep happening with people like this.
It’s important to stand my ground.
Then again, if this leads to me having to quit the guild, that would bring its own problems because I’d have to find something else.

No, wouldn’t it actually be better to just pay the entry fee every time? But that would mean I would have to go through that procedure every time, and that’s a pain too.

“Master, you sure have a lot of enemies.”

Says Sera.

“I don’t know about that.
It’s not like I’m picking fights with people that just approach me normally.”

“But are you sure about this? They might have paid well.”

And I’m actually pressed for money right now, but I still don’t want to sell when I feel like I’m being pressured.

After returning to the mansion and talking about what happened, Mia looks exasperated, but I earn the sympathy of Yor and the others.
I’m sure they’ve had similar bad experiences during their quests.

This leads to everyone starting grumbling about all sorts of things, and I see a scarier side of Trisha.

Yes, people who are generally calm are the scariest when they’re angry.
But the others don’t seem too surprised to see her like this, and casually listen.
It makes sense, they’ve been a party for three years.

This girls’ party starts heating up, so I tell them I’m going to my room, and when I get there I take items out of the Item Box and start messing with Alchemy.

First, I break ore into several piles.
A single ore has a lot of stuff mixed in, so removing impurities is important.
I do this to every ore I bought.

There’s also ore with impurities already removed for sale, but it’s more expensive.
And the impurities themselves can be used for things like bullets, so I keep them.

I keep using Alchemy until I’m called for dinner, and the day ends without Leila returning to the mansion.


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