reliable girl.

Eventually Hikari and Sera go to sleep, and I stay up with Mia to help her practice controlling her magic energy.

“Let’s stop here.
Pushing yourself too much isn’t going to give you good results, so don’t be in a hurry.”

“…All right.”

Yesterday she pushed herself too much and exhausted all her strength.
I don’t want that to happen again.

The next day, we all leave the mansion in the afternoon.

Leila and her party are heading to the adventurer guild like they planned.
I was planning to take it easy, but I decide to look into how much a wagon would cost.
And then the merchant guild requests my presence, so I’m going there too.

They didn’t specify when I should go, so obviously, the wagon comes first.
I get a lot of information from a company that manages omnibuses.
Apparently there are a lot of secondhand ones out there, and if it’s just a load-carrying one, it starts at about ten gold coins.
But the smaller and cheaper ones tend to not last long and be unreliable.

I have the Item Box, but I’m also considering sleeping in the wagon, so I want something relatively spacious.
As for its durability, if push comes to shove, I could use Alchemy to reinforce it.

I’m told a brand new one will cost between twice to five times more, even if it’s the same kind of wagon.
Apparently I can get one custom made for me if I buy a new one, and they’ll respond to all kinds of requests, but making a wagon from scratch will take at the very least twenty days and requires the necessary manpower and resources.

Wouldn’t processing wood and assembling it be relatively easy? No, we’re talking about pure manual labor.
There is magic in this world, but surely if someone is good enough to put together a wagon via magic, they’ll find a better occupation.
Maybe someone out there can do it, but I’m told that at the very least there is no such person here in the holy city.

“What kind of wagon would you pick, Mia?”

“One that’s comfortable to sit in, and doesn’t make me tired.”

I get a response after asking on a whim.

I figured she didn’t leave the city, but she tells me she visits a few nearby towns and villages every year, partially because Mia asked for it.
She has also traveled via wagon with the chivalrc order,

It’s true, I went to the church earlier, and I think I’d probably suffocate if I had to stay there all the time.
It’s all so stiff and formal.
I can definitely see why a change of pace would be necessary.

But we’re getting off topic.
To summarize.

1 – I need some sort of function to lessen the impact and allow us to travel comfortably.

2 – We’re going to camp more, so I want enough space for us to sleep in the wagon..

3 – I can’t really think of a third.
I was thinking too that since we’re going to be camping more, I could just set up a place for us to sleep with magic, but that’s kind of scary in a way, how quickly I got used to that.

“Thank you.
I acquired a lot of valuable information.

Next, the merchant guild.
Have there been any further developments about the reconstruction of the village of Tenso?


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