n too if I can.
Nothing dangerous, I just want to see what this world is like, since I’m here anyway.”

“I’ve seen the town when I go to church, from the inside of a wagon though.”

“I’ll ask about that too, and…”

“Are you thinking about him?”

Back then we were basically just being swept away by the situation around us… And we couldn’t do anything… But now I feel like we should have stopped them and told them to at least take care of him.”

“But he’s living in town, right?”

“Yes, and they say they’re supporting him financially, and guarding him without him knowing.
He should be fine.”

He might actually know more about this world than us.”

“It’s more brutal for us.
Even if we can cut through some danger because we have power.”

“But that also means we are made to fight…”


Stop… Stop it with the dark topics.
Let’s ask about that too.
Just seeing his face should make you feel more at ease, right?

 ◇ ◇ ◇

“What do you mean we can’t see him?”

“I’m sorry.
There is somewhere we want you heroes to go to as soon as possible.”


“A dungeon in the Magic State of Efa.”


“Why do we need to go there?”

“It seems your progress has stagnated recently, so we want you to train and collect materials at the same time.”


We need materials found in dungeons for the sake of getting your equipment in order as well…”

“Can’t you ask anyone else?”

“About that… In recent years, there hasn’t been anyone strong enough to venture to the lower levels… We also don’t want to gather materials in another country, but…”

I feel like I’ve hit a wall when it comes to raising my level too.
If going there will let me become stronger, I don’t mind.”

“T-thank you.”

“All right.
But we were promised we could see him, so why can’t we?”

“W-well, the town is in a state of emergency.”

“Did something happen?”

“Y-yes, it seems a demon has appeared, and there is confusion within the chivalric order too.”

“Those are underlings of the demon king, right? But shouldn’t we go there, if something like that appeared?”

“Y-yes, I hear a specialist unit is handling that.
We would like you to prepare to head to the dungeon.
No one had ever seen a demon before, so for one to suddenly show up, it can only mean that the other side is about to really move out.”

“So we don’t have a lot of time? All right.
What should we do?”

“We are hurrying our preparations as well, and we will call you once we are ready.
Get your equipment in order, and do whatever it is you do before you travel.”

“…But if they’re really about to move, as you said, is it a good idea for us to not be here?”

I don’t know why, but they say that they will know when the time comes.


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