ng and into a position I found with Map where I can observe it.

“What’s wrong master?”

“That building… The one that’s kind of gray.
When we passed in front of it I felt a strange flow of magic energy.”

Hikari also stares at it and starts groaning while tilting her head.

“I don’t feel anything.”

“Really? Maybe I’m wrong.”

We keep talking while watching it in hiding, and I see a face I think I remember seeing.
But where did I see it?

“Master, it’s one of the people that were chasing her.”

Says Hikari, and I finally remember.
It’s one of the attendants that was after Mia.
I wouldn’t have remembered that perfectly normal face otherwise, but now that she mentions it, he really was there.

That attendant disappears into the building.

“Someone related to the church went in there…?”

“What are you going to do, master?”

“We can’t stay here.
Let’s walk towards the outer wall.”


We keep walking towards the outer wall, and then follow it along as we get far away from that building and walk towards the center.
Being near the outer walls of a city might bring up thoughts of an unsafe area, but apparently that’s not the case in the holy city.

From what I can see on Map, that reaction still hasn’t come out.

“Now what…”

Hikari looks concerned.

This is no good, I can’t overthink this.
If I don’t know, I should ask someone who does.
And we’re closer to a certain place than the mansion.

“Now that I think about it, we haven’t visited a church since we got here.
Let’s check out what they’re like.”

I tap Hikari’s head to reassure her.

She puts out her hand, and I grab it.
That eases up the uneasy feeling around her.

We walk towards the church, while not forgetting to look at stores and stalls along the way.
We fill up on food recommended by Hikari, and reach the church in the center just as the sun is at its highest point.

“Do you have any business with this church?”

I didn’t expect someone to ask us that at the entrance.
I thought anyone could come in freely and pray.
Ah, maybe it’s because of how suspicious I look with the mask on.

“Hum, we are here to see Cardinal Dan.
Is that possible?”

I would have to ask someone to call him anyway, so it actually worked out well for me.

“His eminence? Excuse me, but for what purpose?”

“I am an acquaintance of his daughter, Yor.
Can you please tell him I have something important to talk to him about? I would be grateful if you emphasized that it’s urgent.”

“V-very well.
I will go ask.”

“If he doesn’t look convinced, tell him his daughter Yor could be in danger.”

I feel like I’m threatening him.

“Oh, and what is your name?”

He hurries to go talk to Dan, but then suddenly remembers that he didn’t ask my name and turns back.


I was thinking about using a fake name, but decide to give him my real one.
Dan might have thought someone was pulling a prank on him or something, and then I would have no choice but to go back to the mansion and call him from there.

Five minutes pass, and the same person returns and takes me to a room.

“His eminence will be here shortly.”

I sit on a sofa with Hikari and wait.


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