“I don’t have enough on me, so can you put her aside for now?”

“Put aside?”

“Yes, like a reservation.
I want to buy her if I have enough money on a certain day, so how about we make a deal, and you don’t sell her until then?”

“I see.
I don’t mind, if you pay for her expenses until said day that is.
I wouldn’t normally accept such a deal, but I will because Drekk sent you.”

I don’t know how true that is, but it looks like he’ll keep her for me.

The most I can scrape together now is three hundred gold coins.
Would it be too difficult to save up the remaining two hundred before the advent festival is over? What if I pick medicinal herbs and mass produce potions?

If my demand for a platinum coin actually goes through… No, I can’t use that even if I get my hands on it.

After thinking about it for a bit, I tell him to hold her for me for twenty days, and pay for her expenses for that time.

I want to talk to her before I leave, so I ask to speak with her alone, without Drett.

“I’m Sora.
Can we talk for a bit?”


“I’m somewhat of a peddler, and I’ve been looking for someone who can be my guard.
I heard you’re strong, so I was thinking maybe…”

“Then look somewhere else.
There should be other slaves here that can fight.”

“I did see some people, but they were no good.
I need someone who can at least fight a superior species and escape.”

“Superior species? Are you trying to become an adventurer and make a lot of money that way or something?”

“No way.
But I’ve heard rumors of two superior species since I came here, and actually encountered one.
Lately even just traveling is becoming dangerous, so doesn’t it make sense to hire someone strong?”

She doesn’t respond.
It looks like she’s thinking, but she doesn’t say anything.

“And I’m planning to sell things in different countries, so if I have the chance, I might stop by the Republic of Eldo.”

She raises her head in reaction to those words, and for the first time, I feel like I see an emotion other than anger on her face.
Although I don’t know what it is exactly.

“That’s it.
Just remember that if I buy you, that could be on the horizon.
But I still need to come up with a little more money.”

“Then come back when you have money.”

She said it bluntly, but her words lack the sting they had at first.
That was a bit too simple, wasn’t it?

No, that’s probably just how much the Republic of Eldo means to her.

“I’ll try to meet your expectations.
I’ll come back later, Sera.”

I say before I go back to Drett.

I hear a gasp behind me.
Did something happen?

It looks like I’m going to be busy, mostly trying to earn money.
Ahh… Isn’t there any way to make a lot of money fast?

For now, I’ll go back and talk to Leila.


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