completely silent guild, Rurika’s voice echoes.
And when she’s done talking, the guild becomes noisy again.

There’s a pack of wolves in the forest relatively close to the city.

This is dangerous for adventurers and requires special attention, especially since that forest is visited by a lot of novice adventurers looking for medicinal herbs.

The man stands up and starts giving instructions.

A few parties that were taking a break here in the guild also request to participate, and some guild employees run outside to alert the other guilds and contact the gatekeepers.

“We can leave the rest to the guild master.
Let’s go sell the wolves.”

Rurika comes to me after she’s done talking, and the three of us go to the purchasing counter.

No one is looking at us anymore, even though we’re walking together.
Was that information that shocking? Everyone seems busy.
I’m guessing they’re happy because they know why we’re together in the first place too.

As I expected, they assess the materials and tell me the materials from the wolves I took apart are bad.

I try to tell myself it’s normal for a beginner, to encourage myself.

I receive half the reward for the materials.
I ask them why we’re not splitting it three ways, but Rurika tells me not to worry about it.

She says a beginner should just take what he can, and that they’ll buy me dinner to thank them.

I go back to the inn, leave my equipment there, and head to an inn they told me about.
But before I leave, I make sure to tell the innkeeper I’m not eating here tonight.
If I tell her ahead of time, I get a free lunch some other day, since I’m skipping dinner.

I was told this after coming back to the inn to have lunch while I was doing delivery quests.

Apparently the fact that I’m paying for multiple days in a row has an effect on this too.

I think she feels like if she gives me perks like this, I’ll pay for multiple nights straight again.
She has a strong merchant spirit.

I reach the inn I was told about, and stop abruptly.

Part of it is because it’s close to the center of the city I guess, but it’s completely different from the inn I’m staying in.
The outer walls are all painted, and the whole place exudes cleanliness.

The first floor is a dining hall, but all the tables are neatly lined up, and there’s enough space between them.
I feel like it wouldn’t be cramped even if the place was full.

When I say why I’m here, I’m taken to a private room.

After waiting for a bit, Rurika and Chris enter too.
Chris is still wearing her hood.

“Thanks for waiting.
I ordered some food, but is there anything you want to eat? Or can’t eat?”

I don’t really understand, so I leave it to them.

If I don’t like it, I’ll think about it then.
I’m not going to get anything out of the menu either.
There’s a lot of ingredients in this world I still don’t understand.


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