nderstand it either.

Apparently they don’t learn this in the academy.

It seems normally casting magic is one singular process, from chanting to activation.

“Do you feel like you can do it?”

The six girls test it immediately.

“I want to do it too, master.”

Hikari has been saying she wants to use magic for a while.
But her capacity for magic energy… It looks like it has increased.

It feels like a lot more than the last time I checked with Magic Energy Detection.

But I can’t teach the basics of magic, so I think she should learn the basics from someone who knows a lot about magic.

“I wish there was a place where you could learn about magic.”

“Then come to the Magius academy!”

Yor immediately responds to my mumbling.

“Isn’t there any place in the holy kingdom?”

“I don’t know… They’re one, two, three cuts below.”

“But aren’t there conditions to join that academy?”

“There’s a basic academic test.
There’s a practical test too, but I think that one makes the tuition lower if you ace it.”

“That is correct.
It is an academy to learn magic to begin with, so most people who join it can’t use magic when they enter it.”

Clarifies Leila.

“But don’t you use magic by learning skills?”

“That is how it’s thought of outside of the Magic State of Efa.”

“So it’s wrong?”

The Magic State of Efa has been researching magic for many years, and according to their research, you can at least somewhat use magic if you learn its basics.
But it’s not always possible to go beyond that.”

“I see.
So we could stop by there if we have the chance.”


We can’t spend one or two years there, but we could spend some time there after I achieve my objective.

“Hm… I can’t do it at all.
Is there any sort of trick to it?”

The first one to comment on it is Leila.

She has this air around her of a reliable big sister, but does she actually have no patience?

“You should try harder.
It’s going to make a big difference in your fighting power if you’re able to do this.”

“How so?”

She bit.

Should I just make a demonstration?

“Can you lend me your sword?”

I take a weapon an orc was using out of the Item Box.
It’s not sharp, but it’s thick.
It was used by an orc after all.

“Do you think this mithril sword can cut this?”

I ask while taking her sword.

“I don’t think so.
Mithril is strong, and better than normal ore, but I don’t think it can cut that.”

“Yes, as it is, it can’t.
The most it could do would be to chip its.
But infusing magic energy into the mithril blade changes that.”

I hand the orc weapon to Leila and ask her to hold it up.
I also don’t forget to tell the others to stay near the wall, because it’s dangerous.

I infuse the mithril sword with magic energy.
By activating Magic Energy Detection, I can see it covers the whole sword.

“Here I go.”

I say, and lightly swing the mithril sword.

The mithril sword then slices the orc weapon in two without much resistance.

The broken piece falls to the ground with a loud thud, before the room becomes quiet.

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