gravely wounded, but Leila and the others are still careful, and surround it to finish it.
It looks like the orc has come to terms with its fate, as it throws away its shield and yells louder than any of the orcs did before.
The ground shakes, and the sound reverberates throughout the entire cave.

The orc charges forward, as if being pushed by the sound, but the reckless charge is stopped by Leila’s sword.

She dodges the orc’s attack, and decapitates it as she passes by it.

“It’s over.”

We managed to take them down, but it was a tough fight.
Leila, Casey, and Luilui are all breathing heavily.

I approach the three, who look like they’re going to fall at any moment, pass by them, and as I approach the passage on the other side, I swing my sword as hard as I can.

But even though I put all my strength into this attack, it’s easily blocked.
My target looks surprised to be attacked right after it showed up, but quickly responds.

I take a big jump back before the attack can hit me.

“Have you ever fought one of those?”

I ask Leila, who looks surprised.

I’m sure the others have the same look on their faces.

“I have.”

“What are our chances?”


I don’t get an answer.
I feel like she’s holding something back, as she glares at the enemy in front of us.

Name – (Lloyd ) / Job – (…) / Race – Orclord / Level – (85)

That’s a pretty high level, and this pressure is no joke either.

But… Yes, but…

I’m not despairing.

I don’t feel the same way I did when I met Ignis.

Not that it’s not strong, it did easily block that attack.
I don’t expect to be able to take it down either, I’m more focused on getting through this.

“Leila, I’ll hold it off while you and the others escape.”

“That won’t do.
You can’t do it alone.”

“I don’t think having more people is really going to help against that,”


“Yes, big sister.”

“I will stay as well.
You take command from here on.”

Casey doesn’t know how to respond.
She probably knows how strong the orclord is.
She would usually follow Leila’s instructions without questioning them, but she’s at a loss as to what to do.

I am counting on you too, Tali and Luilui.”

In the end, Casey relents, and goes to the captured women.
They talk about something, probably about the two that are left.

But after Casey insists with a strong tone of voice, the women run towards the exit.
Of course, with Casey and the others.

“Master, I’ll stay and fight too.”

“You go too, Hikari.”


“There’s a lot to get in the way.
And I’ll feel better if you’re with them.
Also, you know how strong I am, don’t you?”

Be careful.”

The orclord looks interested as it listens to us talk.

“Thank you for waiting.”

I say to Lloyd.

“Kukuku, the result is the same.
Trampling you and hunting the others is more fun.”

I actually get a response.

I’ve heard that some superior species can talk, and these monsters are pretty intelligent.

“So, how do we fight that thing?”

I ask the person that actually has experience fighting something like that, as we face Lloyd.

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