Chapter 51 – Battle – Part four

“This is a problem.”

What we find isn’t a settlement.

“Is that a cave?”

There’s a hole in the mountain, with an orc standing watch on each side.

“How is the interior? Can you check, Luilui?”

“…No, I’m sorry big sister.”

“Don’t worry, I figured it was too much to ask.
Let us step away for now and decide what to do next.”

And so we do.
It’s true, depending on how the cave is on the inside, it might be tricky to get the hostages out.
From what I can see using Map, not all of them are in the same place.
There are twenty in one place, and then others alone with an orc.
Deeper inside the cave, there are two with one orc.

“…Are you listening?”

I feel something shaking me as I’m deep in thought.

“Sorry, I was thinking about something.”

“Good grief.
Are you all right? Don’t hold us back.”

“I’ll be careful.
What were you saying?”

“I was asking what your combat style is like, Mister Sora.”

“Just Sora is fine.
Combat style… I don’t really have a specific way of fighting.
I guess I’m better with a sword.
I fight mostly with a sword and also use throwing knives.”

“You don’t use magic?”

She asks, seemingly finding it odd.
Did she think of me as more of a magic user because I used magic to make that wall?

“I’ve only used magic in battle once.
It’s not like I’m constantly fighting while I travel anyway.”

“I see.
We will be inside a cave, so be careful if you do use it.
And depending on how spacious it is, sword users like myself, Casey, and you will need to watch out for how we move as we fight.”

“So we don’t get in each other’s way?”

If the cave isn’t very spacious, we won’t have a lot of room to swing our swords.
But since those big orcs are living there, I don’t think we need to worry.
Still, caution is never enough.

“I’m sure it will be fine if you keep it in mind.
For now, let us rest and wait for them to change shifts.
If it feels like they won’t, we will just attack.”

“Even orcs should sleep at night.
If they move, I will know.
Let me handle it.”

“We will leave it to you, Talia, but I want you to rest too.
Call us when you want to rest and someone else will take over.”

Talia then disappears into the darkness, and the tense atmosphere eases a bit.

Being nervous is just going to make us more tired.

“Master, I’m going too.”

“Don’t you need to rest?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Hikari also disappears into the night.

“Is she all right?”

“Yes, don’t worry.
She’s a lot more reliable than me.”

“…What are you two anyway? You have the same hair color, so are you brother and sister?”

Hair color… That’s right, and her eyes are black too.

I look around, and see Leila, Casey, and Luilui are all blonde, although their eyes aren’t quite the same color.
Trisha and Talia are also blonde, and only Yor has silver hair.

If we don’t count people that were summoned with me, I’ve never seen someone with black hair and black eyes, except Hikari.
Is it a coincidence?

“We’re not brother and sister.
Some stuff happened, and I took her in.”

“I see.
I don’t know your circumstances, but I object to bringing such a small child along.
Even if she does seem fired up.”

I’m sure she’s saying that with good intentions.
Her way of speaking might be a bit strange at times, but it’s clear that she’s very caring towards her fellow party members.

“I know you’re concerned, but it’s fine.
Hikari is wiser and stronger than me.”

Yep, she doesn’t look convinced.
But even though I have higher stats, Hikari really does have a lot more combat experience.

“So Miss Leila.”

“Call me Leila too.”

“…Leila, are you adventurers?”

“You’re asking that now? We are B ranked adventurers… Why are you surprised?”

“I’ve only heard about it, so I actually don’t really know, but isn’t rank B pretty high up there? Are all of you actually older than you look?”

I am seventeen, and the others are fifteen.”

“Really? That’s incredible.”

“Not really.
There is a dungeon in our home, so it is easier for us to level up compared to others.”

I see.
Are their levels high too? If I remember correctly, you need to be twelve to register with the guild.
So does that mean Leila has been an adventurer for five years, and the others three?

“And although we are B ranked, we are still beginners.”

“Have you fought orcs?”

“Yes, more than I wish I did in the dungeon.
So don’t worry too much, although carelessness isn’t allowed.”

And then, something moves.

It’s Talia.
She’s back, and tells us the orcs are changing shifts.

Casey and Luilui, who were silently resting, also stand up and get ready.

“Luilui, snipe them as usual.
Talia, be ready just in case.”

Instructs Leila, and the two silently nod.

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