Chapter 50 – Battle – Part three

“Master, here’s what you asked.”

We’re done working for now, so we’re going to rest in preparation for tonight.

But before that, I decided to make some potions, so I asked Hikari to see if the villagers have any medicinal herbs left.

“Some are in good condition, and others not so much, but we can’t complain.
And it’s actually perfect for me to try something.”

I’ve been using nothing but good quality medicinal herbs, so I don’t actually know what will happen if I use ones that are in poor condition.
This is a good opportunity to find out.

I start making potions right away.
The finished product’s color varies depending on the quality of the medicinal herbs.
The amount of magic energy I infuse into them doesn’t change that.

I’m not really satisfied with this test, but I have to get some sleep before we go.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

Hn… Someone’s here.
I can feel a presence on the other side of the door.

I open my eyes, and this person comes in without knocking.

“W-w-w-what do you think you’re doing!?”

That person sounds agitated.

Hikari, who is sleeping in my arms, starts squirming and wakes up.

“Master, be quiet.”

Is she still half-asleep? I’m not the one making noise.

“Hikari, it’s time to wake up.
We’ll be leaving soon.”

A date with master.”

She gets up while rubbing her eyes.
She’s not fully awake yet.

I get up too, and talk to Leila, who is frozen in front of the door.

“Did you come to wake us up? Did we oversleep?”

“F-food is ready.
But more importantly, a boy and a girl holding each other while they sleep is indecent.”

Now that I’m looking more closely, I notice her cheeks are red.

“Master is my special seat.
You can’t have it.”

She didn’t hold on to me when we slept in the horsebus (because I told her not to), but since we’re sleeping in a room for the first time in a while, I let her do it.

“Ah… So you are still at an age where you want to be pampered…”

“Geez, I’m a proper lady.”

“A proper lady doesn’t cling to someone like that.”

Leila grabs Hikari to pull her away.
Is she just fussy? And also, I guess the word lady is used in this world too.

As I think about something that really doesn’t matter, I notice I’m getting glared at.
Maybe it’s my fault for not stopping Hikari from holding on to me, but she gets sad if I say no.
Her expression doesn’t change too much, but she exudes this unhappy aura from her whole body that feels like an abandoned kitten.

Leila takes Hikari with her, and I follow them.

Dinner is ready.
Leila sits Hikari next to her, and takes care of her.
Hikari must be hungry, because she goes along with it and doesn’t complain.

“You can sit here, Mister Sora.”

Says Yor, and I sit down.

As we eat, I can see her peeking my way, like she really wants to ask something.
But her better judgment wins out in the end, and she manages to be patient.
It’s the mature response.

“Oh, you can have these.
Don’t be afraid to use them.”

I give Yor the mana potions I made, and Locke the healing potions.

“What is this?”

“I made these with medicinal herbs.
Use them if you’re in trouble.”

“Thank you, I will.”

“H-hum, can you use alchemy, Mister Sora?”

“Kind of.
I can only make simple things.”

The potions I gave them are all lower grade.

You’re a genius.”

But still, Yor’s estimation of me goes up.

We finish eating, and leave the inn with Leila leading the way.
But when we exit the village, Talia takes point.

Talia is walking in front, with Leila and Casey behind her, Hikari and I behind them, and lastly, Luilui is walking behind us.
We walk through the forest in a line like this.

It’s cloudy today, and the moon is hidden, but I’m not too troubled thanks to the new skill I just learned.

Skill: (Night Vision Lv1) Effect: (Can see even when it’s dark)

This skill activates automatically when it’s dark.
As it levels up, it lets me see further away.
Its proficiency goes up on its own too.

I didn’t learn this skill until now because I just didn’t do much during the night.
I used Map and Presence Detection to figure out where monsters were, but it’s not like I actually fought them.

But this time we’re marching during the night, so I figured I should learn it in case we get into a fight.

Talia’s scouting abilities must be great, because she’s walking forward without any hesitation, and she’s heading straight towards the orcs’ settlement.
What is she seeing that’s leading her to walk there?

“Hikari, do you see anything?”

There are subtle traces on the ground and in the trees.”

I ask quietly, and Hikari answers full of confidence.
I honestly don’t get it.
Using Map and tracking enemies seems easier.
No, I should learn anyway.
I don’t know if skills really are infallible.

I’m taught by Hikari sensei as we walk for three hours with breaks in between.
And then, we reach what looks to be the orcs’ settlement.

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