ay, potions are like essential items when it comes to traveling.
Adventurers should have them, and even merchants should carry them just in case.

“About that…”

A sour expression forms on the merchant’s face.
I think he’s remembering his anger the more we talk, and his temples are twitching.
I can see a really big blood vessel too, to the point where I’m actually worried that it might pop at any moment.

It all happened because of last night’s wolf attack.
It caused damage because adventurers that were supposed to be keeping watch were late to deal with it (due to negligence).
They drove back the enemy while treating the wounded, but couldn’t finish off the wolves (because they drank too much and weren’t fighting as well as they should).
As the battle dragged on, more people got hurt, and the wolves that snuck by them attacked merchants and wagons.
Apparently this resulted in them running out of potions.

Now they’re waiting for the adventurers that can use healing magic to recover their MP, and for the wagons to be repaired.
Thankfully, no one died.

“I understand that you’re in trouble, but you have some nerve to come ask me, you know that?”

Hikari strongly nods.

I’m sure this merchant knows how some of those adventures treated us.

“I concede to that, but can you sell us some potions if you have them?”

The merchant bows.
He’s assuming I have them.
If I say I don’t, they probably won’t believe me.
They might even ask to look inside my bag.

“I see.
One potion is one gold coin, and one mana potion in five gold coins.
If you’re all right with that, I’ll sell them.”

“The hell are those prices? Are you screwing with us?”

Screams one of the adventurers.
It’s also one of the adventurers that was messing with us yesterday.


I ignore him and ask the merchant.

The merchant seems to be struggling to decide, and I don’t get an answer.

“I said what the…”

The moment the adventurer opens his mouth again, Hikari silently moves.


She gets behind the adventurer and points a knife at his back.

Her monotone voice echoes in this place that fell completely silent.

I look that way, and turn back to the merchant.

Before the merchant can speak, I do.

“One potion is two gold coins, and one mana potion is ten gold coins.
I’ll sell them for that.”

They’re speechless, but I don’t have to feel pity for people that tried to pull cheap tricks on us.

“Did you think I’d comply if you threatened me? Hurry up and decide if you want to pay or not.
I don’t take cards.”


“I take it your silence means no.
Then we’ll get going…”

That adventurer has nothing to do with me.”

“How we feel about that is on us.
We have no way of knowing if that’s true anyway.
Did you think you could get us to back down by threatening us?”

“A-all right.
We’ll buy them at those prices.”

I sell five potions and five mana potions.
They gathered money from everyone, and I got sixty gold coins.

“And I’m going to report this to the guild as soon as I get there.”

I take one last look at the adventurers that went over to us to complain, and leave with Hikari.

Her step looks light for some reason.

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