ght Magic Lv4) / (Holy Magic Lv3)

The four new skills I learned are Wind Magic, Earth Magic, Light Magic, and Holy Magic.

That means I can now use those three types of elemental magic, and as for holy magic, first it allowed me to use healing magic, and then cure status ailments when it leveled up.
Apparently how much it heals improves as the skill levels up.

And as I use magic, I’ve been learning some things.

Painting a mental picture is everything when it comes to magic.
Although I should also point out that this might be exclusive to otherworlders like me.

When I saw Chris cast spells, she always chanted something and said the name of the spell.
I don’t have to do that, I basically just say the name.
Actually, I don’t even have to do that, it’s just that saying the name of the spell helps me picture it.

Also, magic isn’t just the magic learned through skills, there is more.
It’s not really something to be used in battle, and more like an enhanced version of Basic Daily Life Magic.

I can start a fire to cook, make a simple cooking spot with Earth Magic and make the environment more comfortable to camp in, use Light Magic to light the road at night, etc.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that’s the whole reason why I even learned Earth Magic and Light Magic.
I figured I didn’t actually need to learn skills to use them, and could just picture them, but strangely enough, I can’t use magic without skills.
Strong magic, to be more precise.

I tried using them with Basic Daily Life Magic, but I just didn’t have enough MP no matter how much I tried.
Maybe drinking a bunch of mana potions would change that?

Also, I used skill points to bring Status Ailment Resistance to level five.
After becoming immune to Paralysis, its proficiency wouldn’t increase even if I was cut with the knife with the paralysis effect.
I’m assuming I’m going to have more opportunities to level up Status Ailment Resistance with skill points from now on.

Incidentally, at level five I got petrification resistance.

“Master, isn’t it time to go?”

“Are your legs all right?”

This medicinal herb is great.”

I made something like a wet compress out of a vitality herb, and had Hikari try it.
I can’t test on myself by just walking.
Then again, I could’ve ran, but I don’t really feel like it.
There’s a chance that I wouldn’t be able to check its effect because of Natural Recovery Boost anyway.

We start moving again, and don’t see the caravans.
Is it because we took our time preparing food and eating?

When caravans are in a hurry, they have simple meals centered around preserved food.
The less time they spend preparing food, the more time they can spend on the road.

We finally catch up to the caravans when the sun is setting.

They’re already ready to camp, and the wind is blowing the smell of their dinner towards us.

Separate caravans join together like this mostly for safety reasons.
The more people they have, the easier it is to deal with attacks.
It’s the most effective countermeasure against bandits.

“We should stop for today too.”

We stop in an empty space not too far away, and get ready to camp too.


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