Chapter 38 – Chance meeting – Part two

Right away, my focus is drawn completely to this demon, but someone else sees this moment as an opportunity.

Number Thirteen feels my grip loosening and escapes.

By the time I notice it’s happening, it’s already too late.

I can’t help but regret letting him escape, but that problem over there takes precedence.

I try to act natural as I turn to face them.

To my left is a demon, and to my right is Number Thirteen.
If we drew lines from our positions, they would make a triangle.

“A slave mask? Humans never change.”

The demon says with cold eyes that look like they’re looking at garbage.
Those words make me tremble as they are spat out.

“But your existence is a bigger problem, isn’t it, otherworlder?”

The demon’s eyes aren’t moving.
It’s not like they’re glaring at me or anything, but those eyes make me shrink back.

I need to get a grip.

“How do you know what I am?”

In a way, isn’t it convenient that an underling of the demon king appeared right in front of me? If we can talk, that is.

I’ve already heard from people who experienced it first hand just how menacing a demon can be.
There’s no way I stand a chance if I were to fight him right now.

“Hmph, I can tell by your skills.
Do you understand what that means? Now I will ask a question.
What are you doing here?”

“Hunting orcs… And then that attacked me.”

I say while pointing at Number Thirteen.

“Hunting? That answer just invites more questions.
Is that a reason to leave an otherworlder alone in a place like this?”

I can tell the demon really doesn’t understand.

“Why do you feel that way?”

“Otherworlders are weapons to kill the demon king, correct? I struggle to understand the thought process of today’s kings, if they send one to be wasted in a random place like this.
Although I guess that’s convenient for me.”

The demon happily laughs.
But wait, do otherworlders have some sort of skill that works well against the demon king?

To be perfectly honest, I think high ranking adventurers are stronger than me.
I don’t think I can even beat C ranked adventurers.
Then again, the others probably can.

“Unfortunately, while I am an otherworlder, I’m so weak that I was discarded the same day I was summoned.
Honestly, all I feel is irritation towards those people, and I have no intention of letting them tell me what to do.
So if you could just turn a blind eye to me, I’d really appreciate it.”

“…That’s an interesting story, but I’m obviously not going to take it at face value.
Humans are a treacherous species that hurt and lie with no issue.”

I can’t argue with that.
It’s the same in this world and mine.
Very few people are not selfish and don’t put themselves before others.

“Aren’t you going to argue?”

“I think it’s true.”

“Hm… But the best course of action would be to eliminate an uncertain, but dangerous element.
Wouldn’t it be best to execute you here?”

Overwhelming bloodlust is being released.

I feel like I would pass out if I took it head on, but I manage to just barely brace myself for it.

But then, something happens that neither I or the demon saw coming.

Number Thirteen reacts to the bloodlust, and suddenly attacks the demon.

The demon is taken completely by surprise and attacked from a perfectly blind spot, although I can still see it.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, and yet, the attack is blocked with one arm wave without the demon even needing to turn around.

“First you fight, then you protect? I’m really struggling to understand your actions.”

Number Thirteen bounces back and flies like a ball.

He then rolls around on the ground, but immediately gets back up when the momentum dies down.

“Executing orders.
That is to be taken back.
Anyone in the way is to be removed.”

“…Can’t you even understand the power of your opponent? You really are nothing more than a doll.
I should just break you here.”

The demon has a new target, but I don’t think I can run away.

If I’m attacked, I’m dead.
I would just be slightly prolonging the time until my death.

I look around, looking for a weapon, and see Number Thirteen’s knife.

I move when Number Thirteen moves, pick up the knife, and then throw it.

The knife flies toward Number Thirteen, obstructing his move.

“Hou? Are you going to get in my way? To help an enemy no less?”

The demon was definitely headed for the kill.
Number Thirteen would certainly be dead right now if I did nothing.

“I want to ask that person some things if I can.
That slave mask for example.
Is it possible to liberate someone from that?”

What would I gain from that? And you’re both going to die anyway, so what’s the point?”

There’s no point because we’re going to die?

I feel like I’m at a crossroads of life, and if I choose the wrong path, there’s no future for me.

I swallow, and the gulping noise echoes in my head.

“In this world… No, can you use enslavement magic?”

“Enslavement magic? No.”

“But can you use something similar, like something that stops people from betraying you, or causing harm to you?”

“…I do have something like that.”


If there’s a chance, I have to grasp it.
It’s all over if I die.

“Put restrictions on me.”

The demon stares at me with probing eyes, and I look straight ahead without averting my eyes.

Sound stops.

Time stops.

There’s a tense air around us.

Every minute, every second feels long.

I don’t even know how long I wait.

But eventually the demon’s mouth opens.

Why are you willing to go that far?”

“Because I can’t accept being brought into this weird world and having my life end in such a nonsensical way.”

No, what I feel now is different from what I felt when I was expelled.

“No, I want to go around and see this world that’s new to me.
Things like the culture and scenery in general of this world are so different from mine’s.
And obviously, I just don’t want to die.
So if you spare me, I’ll obey you… At least to a certain extent…”

That’s pretty much how I actually feel.
But I want to say no to things I really object if I can.
That’s important.

Those probing eyes are still watching me.

If you accept a restrictive curse, I will let you live.”

Is this what they call a deal with the devil?

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