ed to it, but I can’t stay calm and use it when the enemy gets near.
I guess it can’t be helped, since it’s supposed to be a long distance weapon anyway.

Should I make another one and start using two? Or remodel it so it’s capable of rapid-fire?

Obviously I’m not going to aim very well with my non-dominant hand, but I have a skill that corrects it, so I think I should be able to do it if I practice.

The other issue is power.
The bullets pierced the wolves’ bodies, but will they do the same with monsters who have tougher skin? I’m particularly thinking about orcs.

If they don’t work, I can probably work on them to make them tougher and more powerful, but will the gun barrel withstand those without breaking?

There are a lot of problems.
If I’m going to rework the gun, I’m going to need ore used in alchemy too.

I spread a sheet on the ground, and sleep wrapped with a robe.

There’s no rush to get back, so I’m going to spend another day walking around the forest.

I use Appraisal as I walk around.
Today’s goal is to look for things that are edible and I can use as ingredients.
There are wild herbs, but also other things like berries.
I find quite a bit once I actually start looking.

Some people say nature is a storehouse of food, and I guess they have a point.
There are mushrooms too.

But I have to make sure to always use Appraisal, because some plants are toxic.

This one has a component that causes paralysis.
Can I use this to make something like a paralyzing bullet?

 ◇ ◇ ◇

After camping for another day, I decide to return to the village because I’m running out of space in my Item Box.

The gatekeeper is surprised to see me.
It’s probably because I told him I was going out to pick medicinal herbs, and he expected me to come back the same day.

“Did something happen?”

“I lost track of time while I was picking herbs.
Then I came across some wolves and got lost.”

“Wolves? Where?”

“North from where I was picking medicinal herbs.
There were two of them, so I took them down, but…”

“I see.
If you have meat with you, we can buy it.”

“I ate some while I was camping, but I can sell the rest.
What about the fur?”

“Don’t you think you can get more money for it if you sell it in the guild?”

“It’s less to carry, so I don’t mind.
In return, I’d be thankful if you asked the innkeeper to make a nice meal.
Especially if it’s something characteristic of this village.”

Hold on a second, I have to go call someone.”

I sell the wolf meat and fur I have on me, and spend the night in the village.

The food has been bumped up a notch, like I requested, and became a little fancier.
Although the innkeeper is still silent and doesn’t show any sign of wanting to be friendly.

For some reason, I also paid half the price for staying here.
The gatekeeper tells me it’s a reward for taking out the wolves for them.
I’m thinking it’s less like a reward and more like a token of appreciation.

The next day, when I leave, I feel like the gatekeeper’s tone is a little softer.

Damage caused by monsters is probably a serious problem in this village.

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