Chapter 22 – Intermission – Part one

As we heard, the heroes seem to have no combat experience.
Most cannot even keep up with the training in the chivalric order.”


“…Master Swordsman, Paladin, and Sword King, while clumsy, seem to be slowly adapting.”

“…And the others?”

“Sorcerer King has the ability to use high output magic, but seems unable to control spells.
As for Spirit Mage, no one can use spirit magic, so researchers are currently looking into such books and documents.”

“…The Saint?”

“…It appears the Saint is learning holy magic with the church.”

“So they cannot be sent to the front lines as they are.
It’s said that the last time people were summoned, they had a hard time using magic, but could at least grab a sword and fight right after arriving.”

“…What should we do?”

“The important thing here is fighting strength, and nothing will be gained if we throw them into battle and they die.
Firstly, have them get used to battle.
Actually raising their ranks (levels) should come after that.


“…What about that other thing?”

“…It seems he registered with the adventurer guild.”

“…Hou? So he can fight?”

“…It seems he accepts delivery quests every day,”

“Running errands like a child… That one’s skill was Walking, if I remember correctly… That does make sense.”


“Keep that one under watch too.
But don’t let him go to another country, and don’t let them know about heroes being summoned.”

“…And what if it seems he wants to leave?”

“I don’t care if you kill him.
Just dispose of him.”

 ◇ ◇ ◇

The commander of the chivalric order has proposed that he take three of them to hunt monsters.”

“So I’ve heard.
How is the Saint?”

“…It appears the Saint is becoming one of the best in the capital’s church.
There are rumors that some in the church are conspiring to take the Saint to the holy kingdom.
This matter is currently under investigation.”

“…Make it so the Saint goes along with this hunt.
And dispose of the scheming ones as soon as you discover who they are.”


“…What about Sorcerer King?”

“It would still be difficult to use in actual combat.
It appears the power of this skill is too high.”

“Are they scared it would hit them as well… And the Spirit Mage?”

“…The Spirit Mage appears to have formed a contract with a water spirit.”

“…Appears? You sound unsure.”

“This report comes straight from the Spirit Mage, as no one can confirm the existence of this spirit.
What has been confirmed, is the ability of the Spirit Mage to cast spells.”

“…There is no need to make them fight, but have them go along as well.
Just seeing monsters should be somewhat of a change.”

“…Very well.”

“…And that other one?”

“It seems he has accepted a few quests and has gone outside the city.”

“…What kind of quests?”

“Medicinal herb picking and goblin hunting.”


“It seems he has accepted quests with adventurers he became close to.”

“…Will he be able to fight?”

“It has been reported that he was injured during the goblin hunt.
He has been sighted training with a fellow adventurer, but to be quite honest, he is thought to be weaker than a novice knight.”

“…And who are these adventurers who accompany him?”

“It seems they come from the Borsheil Empire, but are originally from the Republic of Eldo.”

“…Are they spies?”

“…We have received information that they are going to different countries in search of some people.
There is the possibility that said people are slaves, as they have been sighted contacting slavers.”

“…Be careful.
If it looks like he will be going to another country with them, dispose of them all.”

◇ ◇ ◇

The hunt has gone without any problems.”

“…How did they fight?”

“They seemed lost during the first day, but handled themselves without any issue on the second day.
But according to the commander, there were times when they were simply being carried by their power.
But it seems they are slowly but surely gaining real combat experience.”

“…Did their ranks (levels) go up?”

“Some who were low level have been confirmed to be increasing.”

“…How did the others react?”

“They felt sick upon seeing corpses of monsters at first, but they seem to be getting used to it.”

“…And their abilities?”

“The Saint’s power is not a problem, but the Saint’s physical abilities could be, which we believe necessitates an escort.”

“…Instruct the commander to train the Saint as well.
If the church objects, tell them it’s about self-defense.”

As for the other two, they are said to always want to use magic.”

“…Are they anxious to fight?”

“No, rather, it seems they keep checking their magic to see if it works.
Once outside, they tried all sorts of things.”

“…Did they shrink back from using it?”

“…At the very least, not when they returned.”

“…Hm… And what about that other one?”

“He took on escorting duties to go with a caravan to the Relay City Physis.”


“…It appears the other two are on their way to the Beast Kingdom of Lath.”

“…Is that other one following them there?”

“…There is no reason to believe he will, at least not for now.”

“…Don’t neglect to be vigilant.
I know… Send that.”

“…Number thirteen?”

“Any objections?”

“…No, excuse me.
Should we continue observing him?”

“…Maybe we should do something and see how he would react…”


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