Lv4) / (Presence Concealment Lv4)

(Magic Energy Control Lv6) / (Basic Daily Life Magic Lv5) / (Spatial Magic Lv4) / (Alchemy Lv5)

(Cooking Lv2)

Since my Appraisal level has gone up, I decide to check the descriptions of the jobs again, and learn that it’s actually possible to change jobs.
But it comes with a warning that once I pick a job, I’ll be unable to change it until Walking levels up.

So the worst timing would be just after I level up.

But in order to increase the success rate of Alchemy, I should become an alchemist to receive its correction effect.

I can’t fail.
After all, Rurika and Chris are leaving tomorrow.

I pick the Alchemist job, and the (+1) in my stats changes.

Strength…290 (+0) / Stamina…290 (+0) / Agility…290 (+0)

Magic power…290 (+50) / Dexterity…290 (+50) / Luck…290 (+0)

Magic and dexterity have a +50 correction, and everything else is gone.

Did my MP get the same +50? Apparently the affected skills also receive a similar correction in terms of proficiency.

I can’t help but wish I knew about this sooner, but I didn’t know if I could change jobs, so I think I still did the right thing.
From now on, I’ll be more proactive when it comes to picking jobs.

“Let’s begin.”

I concentrate, and picture a transmitter.
I’ll make a magic stone its core, and iron ore its base.

A pendant should do nicely for its actual shape.

First, I send magic energy to ten magic stones, and the magic stone in the center that’s connected to the others starts changing into a darker color.
The other magic stones on the other hand gradually lose their color until they’re transparent.
They look like glass.

When I grab the remaining magic stone, it cracks and turns to dust.
Did I put too much magic energy into it?

Next, I try to be careful and hold back the amount of magic energy I pump into it.
I try to make sure the light that connects the magic stones doesn’t break, and make sure not to fill it up too much again.
Because I’m doing it more slowly, it takes more than twice as long as the last one.

I grab the magic stone, and this time it doesn’t break.
After using Appraisal on it, I see it has become a sorcery stone.
Its quality is low, perhaps because of the low amount of magic energy.

I do some image training to remember the feeling of making magic energy flow into it, and its amount.

Just as I’m about to start again, I stop, and check my status.
After checking my MP, I drink a mana potion.

I slap my cheeks and get ready to start again.
I don’t have to get it right on this one, I have three more chances.
I’m going to remember the feeling from before, and slowly increase the amount of magic energy.

But as a result, my stomach is full, because every time I use Alchemy I drink a mana potion.
I couldn’t drink another one if I had to.
Maybe I will after some time passes.

I made four sorcery stones in total.
Two are low quality, one is average, and one is high.
Now I need to picture a transmitter while using iron ore to make the base, and I’ll be done.

After taking a break, I start working again.

If I’m going to use the low quality sorcery stones, I have to use both to make up for their low quality.
Maybe I should make a bracelet instead of a pendant.
First I use the ore to make a bracelet, then I insert the sorcery stones while sending magic energy into it.
And of course, I increase its strength to make sure it doesn’t break easily on impact.

“That’s one, and the rest… I should make them pendants.”

I make the bases and chains, and attach sorcery stones.
Nice, I don’t need any other artistic skills.
I just have to design them by imagining something I know.
This is definitely not plagiarism or anything.
But I wonder if they’ll recognize them when they see it.

I line up the three items I made, and send more magic energy into them.
These are made to look like the spirit amulets I heard about before, but rather than having the effect of telling others they’re all right, they have a function to search for their location.

“All right, I’m done.”

It’s like a main telephone and extensions.
By sending magic energy to the main pendant, I can find out where the extensions are.
If I hand this to them, it will save me the trouble of looking for them when we can get together again.
I just hope they don’t throw them away.


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