nd by using Appraisal here, I can see the materials I need.

I can still make them even if I don’t have the materials, but if I try to force it to make them, it always ends in failure.
Even if I have the right materials, I can create a poor item if my Alchemy level isn’t high enough.

But if my level isn’t high enough, I can still sometimes make a good item if I focus and pour in a lot of MP.
But there’s no guarantee that it will work, and it’s pretty much a gamble.
And if my level is high enough, and I pour in a lot of MP, I create a good quality item.
So far, this has produced 100% good items.

“But what is this that’s being displayed?”

I’m pretty much done making items for now, so I look at the list of what I can make again.

The word ‘NEW’ in the middle grabs my attention.
I use Appraisal on these items, and see a line ‘items never before created’.
They don’t have names, but their effects and necessary materials are displayed.

Among them, the effect ‘contact people far away’ catches my eye.
Is this like a smartphone? It might be an item with functions similar to a telephone or e-mail.
And the items necessary to make it are high quality magic stone, high quality ore, and a large amount of magic energy.
It’s kind of vague.

I look at the effects of other items marked with ‘NEW’, and notice they’re very similar to things from Earth.
Are they based on my knowledge or memories?

I use Appraisal on the high quality magic stone listing, and it says ‘magic stones from high level monsters, or synthesized by combining many magic stones’.

I check out the list while looking for something, a magic item capable of transmissions.
Ah, but surely my Alchemy level is way too low.

But what I find requires a minimum of Alchemy level five, and I’m at level three.
The real problem is the magic stones and ore.
Both can be bought in the merchant guild, but I don’t know at what cost.

“Is a magic stone more important than ore for this item…”

I should go back, check the price, and see if I have the money to buy it.
And since I might fail, I should buy spares.
I also need to raise my Alchemy level.

I summarize everything I need in my head.

I put the potions I made in the Item Box, and walk back to town quickly.
I don’t get the blessing of my Walking skill if I run, so I don’t run even if I’m in a hurry.

I deliver medicinal herbs and vitality herbs to the guild.
Then I have lunch with Rurika and Chris, and we go shopping together to buy what we need for our travels.

While we’re shopping, I neglect to really pay attention to them, probably because I have alchemy on my mind.
Rurika is exasperated and Chris sulks, and they gradually start speaking less.

“You need to apologize tomorrow and make up for today.”

Rurika says with kind of a scary face, after we have dinner and before we say goodbye for today.

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