ris are used to traveling, but they also look tired, so I tell them to rest.
I’m going on top of the canopy today.

I feel more wind than usual, and it feels like the clouds are passing by us more quickly.
I can see black clouds in the distance.

I’m just now noticing that it hasn’t rained since I came to this world.
Is this a region where it doesn’t rain a lot? Is it not a rainy season? Does it just not rain at all? I don’t know, but the fact that I’m just now noticing something that wasn’t on my mind at all makes me realize I probably had more on my mind than I thought.

I’m probably missing a lot of things that are common sense in this world, but I can’t just casually ask either.
I’m sure if I do, people will just ask me what I’m talking about.

Half a day passes, and so does the heavy mood, as we can clearly see some distance between us and the forest.
It feels liberating.

“But still, a tigerwolf… We should report this when we get to town.
There was a pack of wolves near the capital too, so this could all be an omen.”

“There hasn’t been a demon attack in a while.
Do you think that could be related?”

“I don’t know, but you can never be too careful.
We should at least form a reconnaissance team.

It would be great if we could hunt it, but we need to at least push it back or we won’t feel safe crossing through here.
What’s worse is the idea that there could be something that pushed the tigerwolf all the way here.”

“Worst case scenario, we have to go back to the capital through an alternate route.”

I listen to Siphon and the others talking.

We managed to fight the monster back because we have the numbers and everyone handled it well, but we’re told that if we were to encounter it while on our own, we should immediately run away as fast as we can.

Tigerwolf hunting quests can be accepted by C ranked parties and above, but it’s customary to only go after it after making thorough advanced preparations.
Normally, people make use of traps and magic to make sure it can’t get away during their fight, especially since failure to hunt it after accepting the quest results in a penalty.

This means people who don’t look into what a tigerwolf is like beforehand, often end up failing their quest.

“We probably wouldn’t hunt a tigerwolf.
It’s not like we’re working as adventurers to become known.
It would be profitable, but it’s best to have a more reliable source of income.”

Says Rurika.

Because of our forced march after encountering the tigerwolf, the distance we cover in a single day has gone down drastically.

We only reach the town at night, two days later than we anticipated.


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