Chapter 14 – Preparations to travel and new skills

Name – (Sora Fujimiya ) / Job – (Jobless) / Race – Otherworlder / No Level

HP – 260/260 / MP – 260/260 / SP – 260/260

Strength…250 (+1) / Stamina…250 (+1) / Agility…250 (+1)

Magic power…250 (+1) / Dexterity…250 (+1) / Luck…250 (+1)

Skill – (Walking Lv25) – Effect – (User won’t get tired no matter how much they walk) – (Get one experience point with each step)

Experience points – 7800/26000

Skill points – 6

Skills learned

(Appraisal Lv6) / (Appraisal Obstruction Lv4) / (Parallel Thinking Lv3)

(Sword Master Lv4) / (Physical Strengthening Lv5) / (Presence Detection Lv6) / (Natural Recovery Boost Lv2)

(Magic Energy Control Lv5) / (Basic Daily Life Magic Lv5) / (Spatial Magic Lv2)

I check my skills again.

I don’t think I’ll need new skills when we’re doing our escorting quest, but I’ll have to be ready when I’m left by myself.

I’m planning on acting alone.
I could follow Rurika and Chris, but I learned a few things after raising my Presence Detection level, and I decided that going with them is dangerous.

But then what should I do? I think about this while checking the skills I can learn.

Presence Concealment makes it so others can’t detect my presence.
Apparently it also depends on their power.

Alchemy allows me to use materials to create items.
Using MP makes the quality of the final product better.

I think that’s enough for now, but something catches my eye.

The Cooking skill lets me use materials to make nice food.
Is it like an assist feature?

It won’t be useful in battle, and I don’t know if I can make money with it…

But, still, however.
If I can cook good food and eat it, won’t that lead to an improvement in my life in general?

I could do a bit of cooking in the other world, but I wasn’t able to do much when I was faced with a wall of ingredients and seasonings.
There are a lot of ingredients I don’t know about, and I’m not too knowledgeable about seasonings either.

After debating it with myself for thirty minutes, I decide to learn the Cooking skill.
I’m not going to defeat the demon king anyway, so I might as well make sure I can have a nice life in this world and not die.

That means I need the appropriate skills for a pleasant life.
At least that’s what I tell myself.

I start thinking that tomorrow I’m going to work hard and walk again, but I end up not accepting any quests in the two days before we leave, and instead buy the remaining things I need, and stay in the inn.

I feel like it’s a waste to buy medicinal herbs, but I buy them to make potions with alchemy.
But in the end, I make potions with low healing power, that say tiny and small recovery.

I put them away using Storage Magic (which I think I’ll nickname Item Box), and maybe I’ll start selling them eventually.
Maybe I can sell them in small villages.
But they might not want to pay much, because there’s no way to check for the potions’ quality.

And in the end, to sell things like potions, I have to register in a guild.
But at the very least, I have no intention of doing it in this country.

To use Presence Concealment, I have to erase my presence by holding my breath, which the skill itself teaches me how to do.
If I keep using it, its proficiency will go up.
I want to be able to use it naturally, but for now, I can only activate it if I really focus.
I’ll have to rely on Parallel Thinking to help me with this one too.

As for the Cooking skill, I ask the innkeeper to let me use the kitchen, and start testing it.

At first she watches me from afar, but then she starts teaching me some stuff, and I manage to at least make food that looks presentable.

But it’s lightly seasoned, and doesn’t taste great.

Now I have three skill points left.

I’m thinking it’s also about time I learn a job, and since the Appraisal skill has been leveling up, I’m starting to be able to read what appears when I select a job.
I should be able to read everything if I level up a bit more, so I’ll pick a job then.

I hope I can change jobs after I pick one.
If I’m stuck with the first one I pick, I get the feeling I’ll regret it.
Actually, is there a temple or something like that in this world where I can change jobs?


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