ut a recipe for something nice.”

“From your world?”

“Yes, but I don’t have those ingredients in this world, so making it the exact same is going to be impossible.”

“Don’t give up developing it.”

She really is a glutton.
But I get the feeling that Mia and Sera have been going the same direction lately.

Mia has been facing down due to being tired, but I can see her reacting to this conversation.
Sera’s tail is shaking a little too.

This kind of slow, easygoing time is really nice.
It would be nice to stay safe, find myself a cute wife, and live out the rest of my days in peace.
But I need to at the very least look for Eris, and I also need to get magic stones to make the items I need to live comfortably, and things never really seem to go as I expect.

Two days later, we reach Lochia.

This town is a connecting point with the Holy Kingdom of Frieren and the Dragon Kingdom of Hafre, so it’s actually more like a small city.

There are large storehouses in every direction.
That’s probably where they store their harvests.

When I show the gatekeeper my card and we are let in, I’m warned that there are a lot of people gathered here, and to not cause any trouble.
I don’t think anyone really likes to get in trouble, it just comes on its own.

We’re told of an inn that serves nice food, and make reservations for three days.

“Master, let’s go check out the stores.”

The sun is still high up, so I guess we could go have a look around this area.
But Mia looks like she’s having trouble moving around, so she’s staying behind with Sera.
Why is Mia still having trouble moving? Because she’s been doing mock battles every single day.
She’s a hard worker, but I have to be careful not to let her push herself too much.
Although she’s pretty stubborn.

“Hikari, I want to stop by the merchant guild first, is that all right?”

I grab her hand, and we go to the merchant guild, because I’m scared that she’ll wander off if I let go of her.
Then again, I could find her pretty easily with Map and Presence Detection.

I’m going to the guild to withdraw money, because I’m starting to run out of physical money.
It looks like there are a lot of stores that take cards, but still, the vast majority deal in hard cash.
That includes the type of cheap inns we usually use.

“By the way, does this town pay more for potions than Majolica?”

“I don’t think there’s much of a difference in regards to high quality ones, but we probably pay a little more when it comes to potions that aren’t so good.”

“Why is that?”

“Majolica has a magic academy, so the students there make a lot of potions that are regularly shipped, driving down prices.”

Does that mean supplies outweigh what’s used in the dungeon?

“This town on the other hand has a lot of people coming and going, so demand for potions is high.”

That makes sense.

“So how much do you think I could get for these?”

I show one of each potion.

“Hold on a second… These are good quality potions.
So much so that I wish we could purchase them consistently.”

“As you can see, I’m a traveling merchant.
I actually acquired these while traveling.”

“I see, that’s a shame.
As for prices, ten silver coins for each healing potion, one gold coin for mana potions, and fifteen silver coins for stamina potions.”

Prices really do change depending on the place.

“What is the matter?”

“I was just thinking that prices change a lot depending on the location.
These prices are different from what I got in the holy kingdom.”

“That’s right.
So, what will you do?”

“How about I sell fifty of each?”

“That will be fine.
But can we check them first?”

I hand all the other potions I’m selling, and someone else is called from the back.

“Everything is in order.
Do you want to get paid through your card?”

“Only half, please.
And split it between gold, silver, and copper coins.”

I hand over my card.
Apparently my money won’t be gone even if I leave the merchant guild, so I leave half the money there.

But I’m taking the other half and storing it in an item bag and the Item Box.
I can’t have it all in one place, just in case.


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