es, one wagon should be enough to get us to the next town.
So, how about it? Of course, I will offer you a discount.”

He then shows me the wagon, and tells me its price.

“Isn’t that too cheap?”

“You offered me some things as well, like the item bag.
And considering the cost to maintain it, it is more than profitable for me.”

I can’t tell if he has good intentions or if there’s a catch.
Should I assume it’s the former? The wagon doesn’t look bad, at least not as far as I can see, and I have no complaints about its size either.

“Master, are you buying it?”

Asks Hikari just before I say I will.

“It will make it easier to get from place to place, right?”

“But you like walking.”

I guess I do.
It gets me experience points too.

But walking at my pace is hard on the others, especially because I can’t gauge how tired they are.

“If you’re walking, I’ll do my best too.”

She says with a strong tone while making a fist with both hands.

“Master, if you’re doing this for us, you should probably reconsider.”

Says Sera, as she comes along with Mia.

“It’s easier to move around in a wagon, but it’s harder to protect it with few people if monsters attack.
There’s a smelling salt for horses used when monsters attack, but apparently it puts a big strain on the horse.”

Says Sera, and Drett nods.

“What do you think, Mia?”

“I agree with Miss Sera.”

That’s the biggest issue here, but maybe they’re holding back their true thoughts because they’re slaves.

“Master, if we’re going to be bringing Mia along, we really should travel by wagon.
I’m not trying to be nasty about it, but I think she should work on her stamina a little.

That’s a good point.

What if we go to a dungeon or someplace like that? We can’t travel by wagon there.
We have to rely on our legs and nothing else.

“Sorry, but I’m going to hold off on buying it this time.”

“No problem, the village chief also talked to me about buying it, so I will just sell it to him.”

He really is a good merchant.

“Then can I ask you one last thing?”

“If it is something I can do.”

“I’m looking for someone.
I think this person might be a slave, who may have been sold to someone already.
An elf by the name of Eris.
If you find something out, please send a message addressed to Sera through the adventurer guild.
I’m still a member of the merchant guild, so you can send it through there too if it’s more convenient.

This is a quest fee.
Ah, if possible, send me results of the investigation periodically, like every thirty days.”

“An elf? I have been in this business for a long time, but I have never dealt with an elf.
They tend to stand out, but I have never even heard of said Eris…”

I give him an additional ten gold coins.

Sera, who is standing behind Drett, looks surprised when she hears that name.

“I see, then please just do what you can.
Tell me any information you can get your hands on, even a small rumor.”

I didn’t know about that, but it does make sense.
I’ve been going around slavers, but I haven’t seen a single elf in any of them.

Drett nods, bows, and leaves.

“So, what have you all been doing?”

“Mia has been helping?”

“Why did you phrase that as a question?”

“She wasn’t an asset.”

Mia drops her shoulders when she hears Hikari.

I hear more about it… And I get it.
She tried, she really did, but she got in the way.
But I hear women have been kindly looking after her.

One of the villagers hears us talking and comes over.
I remember her, she was there when we took down the orclord.

I’m sure that was awful for her, but she comes at me with a smile.

Once one comes, others follow, to thank me for saving them, even though they thanked me enough when we left.

Then I ask to be taken to the village chief, to greet him.


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