Can’t I go up to the walls or something like that?

No, I can’t.
I ask, and I’m told it’s too dangerous.
I’m a merchant now after all.

I look around to see if there’s anyone I know around, and spot Luilui.
I use Presence Detection, and see Leila and the others are near too.

“I heard something that sounded like monsters howling.
What’s going on?”

I talk to Leila normally, and she looks at me like I’m some weirdo.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?”

I’m confused as to why she’s talking like she doesn’t know me, but then I remember.

I take out the mask and put it on.
I guess this caught me off guard too.

“Sora!? What happened to you?”

She asks loudly in surprise.
Yelling like that is going to attract a lot of attention, you know? I quickly put the mask away.

“Just a change of pace? Is what I could say, but that’s a lie.
I’ll explain it later.
What happened with you?”

“There was a signal earlier, but I believe they were not able to go far with their preparations to meet the monsters in the forest.
I cannot imagine how many monsters will escape.”

“So you’re going to be standing by here for the time being?”

“I think so, master.
We are technically from the Magic State of Efa, so we were positioned in the back.”

“It is said that it will take about a day for the fastest monsters to arrive, so now we are mostly observing the situation.”

“It’s that far, and the group that went ahead is already in the forest?”

“A few parties were dispatched there in advance.
Apparently they were ready to go because reports from adventurers led the guild to think something was going on.”

Says Yor, and I’m pretty impressed by how capable that guildmaster is.
The one from the merchant guild could learn a thing or two from him.

“Did something happen here in town, Sora?”

Asks Talia, sensing something isn’t normal.

“Ah… How do I explain this? We can’t talk about it in detail here.”

There’s that whole thing with the saint, and with the demon.
The demon in particular should probably be explained by the guild or the church.
Someone else might say it first, but I’m not going to be the one to spread the word.

In the end, I stay up here with them on the outer wall.
No monsters leave the forest, but we hear explosive sounds, so we do know that there’s fighting going on.

It looks like we’re in for the long haul, so when the sun sets, other adventurers come to take over.

People standing by need to rest, so many head to the simple lodging facilities set up nearby.

Leila and the others decide to go back to the mansion, and check the situation tomorrow.
And apparently the simple facilities aren’t ready yet for the number of people they need to accommodate.

I’m going back to the mansion with them.
I need to get Mia’s things.


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