The Strike

As the afternoon came, along with it came the wind of calmness and a hint of an ominous foreboding. Outside of the manor where Victoria resides, a few feet away from it was the shadow of a silhouette marching into the woods.

The silhouette was that of a black-haired lady in a maid dress, she was carefully surveying her surroundings once in a while with a cautious look, as she made her way deeper in.

Once she walked deep enough to stand in front of the caves entrance, she let out a sigh before venturing in. The more she walked in, the darker it got. The darker it got, the colder the air felt and danger could be sensed from the shadows. Despite so, the maid kept walking mechanically, as if she was used to the place.

Soon, the sound of metal clanging, people coughing and yelling, as well as grunts of pleasure or pain echoed through the dark tunnel. As the maid walked straight in that direction, flame torches that were attached to the grainy walls illuminated her way. At her sides, armed figures were standing with weapons at hand, ready to block any uninvited guests to the place. Once they looked at the maid, they nodded and let her walk in.

Further there, the maid was able to catch glances at a long line of erected cell bars, and inside, she would see people getting tortured, women getting raped, and corpses rotting.

”Tsk. ”

The maid gave the cells a disgusted and disdainful look.

She couldn believe she was once part of those livestock victims…

However, she had something more urgent to report to the master, than reminiscence on the past. Knowing so, she turned her head around and walked in deeper. After a few detours here and there, she stopped her tracks in front of a huge wooden door with golden engravings and designs over its surface.

”Come in. ”

One sentence, it took only one sentence from the being inside for the maid to tremble in fear. She was already reconsidering her words, however, his voice has already resounded, there was no use in going back now.

With a sharp breath, the maid pushed the door open and walked in. Immediately, a wave of insurmountable pressure surrounded her, and she took a subservient stance, bowing with her knees on the ground and not daring to look up.

”This servant greets her master. ”

As soon as she said those words, the pressure lessened a little and she no longer felt like a mountain was pressing on her shoulders.

”Speak. How was the mission I assigned to you? ”

The maid gulped loud enough to scare a bunny away and looked up. There, with a mask on his face and a demeaning posture, was a man sitting over a throne of bones. The bones consisted of multiple types, races, and colors. With one look, one would think they were in front of the grim reaper, or the devil himself!

The maid took a deep breath and spoke her words.

”I have failed the master. I used the poisonous pill you gave me and made sure to watch the young lady drink it. She was affected and I was almost certain that she had died… However… ”

”However? ”

The masters voice urged her to continue quickly.

”However, she somehow managed to survive. And the two visitors who came to examine her could not find anything strange from her. ”

After finishing her tale, the was a prolonged silence inside the hall before the masked man let out a sigh.

”No need to apologize. You have indeed carried on the plan… just an unexpected issue happened, maybe? ”

It was almost inaudible, however, the maid could hold herself from letting out a sigh of relief. She was not going to be beheaded straight away.

”However, since you have indeed failed to complete the mission, you shall receive the corresponding punishment. ”

As his voice resounded again, the maids eyes snapped open wide and her face turned red while her breathing became rushed from expectation.

”Strip and service me, now. ”

”Yes, master. ”

She was a slave to this man, who had powers far more formidable than warriors or adventures themselves. Since she was his slave, he would request her to service him in all kinds of ways and fashions.

However, she would usually feel sore all over and unable to move correctly for days.

Without wasting her masters patience, the maid undressed herself in a way that would seem teasing and pleasant from an outsiders viewpoint.

Once she was fully undressed, naked bare with her tits wiggling out, she walked toward the masked man while still on her knees.

The sound of the belt unbuckling echoed, and soon, she had his manhood on her soft palm. The man did not show any reaction to her at all. The maid did not mind, however, and started to work on her mission.

Slowly, she massaged her masters penis while lightly pressing the base of his girth. A few strokes were performed here and there, and she expertly pressed her lips over the glans tip. A hot breath escaped her mouth as she performed her duty as punishment?

Soon, her masters manhood looked virile and lively enough for her to perform further. With his length on her hands, and lips pressed over his tip, she slowly widens her mouth and swallows his penis. The strong musky scent of her masters manhood immediately enveloped her senses and all she could think about was how to please him.

After wetting his length enough with her saliva for her to perform smoothly, the maid starts bobbing her head up and down while making sure her tongue would twist around his girth as she moved.

She knew that, although not the best, her technique wasn too bad and the masked man let out a relaxed sigh that further confirmed her thoughts. However, the man in question had something else on his mind.

His red eyes looked straight ahead as he enjoyed the blowjob administered to him by his slaved servant. In front of him, a red holographic screen had taken place. He focused on it and words appeared.

[Mission: eliminate or enslave any being that could divulge his location to the outside. This is to ensure no threats would be in the presence of the Wrath holder.

Status: Completed.]

He thought it was strange that the mission said Completed while Victoria was still well alive enough.

This never happened before, and that was the most intriguing part about it.

Meanwhile, the maid had gone through all the processes of worshiping her masters weapon from slow blowjob, to mild twisting and lastly, the deepthroath. Now, she was standing up, with her bare skin out for him to admire before she turned her backside to him so he could savor her bubbly buttocks and curves.

Then, she proceeded to bend down to a squat over his thighs, while taking hold of his manhood and guiding it to her wet moist flower fruit. His length pierced right into her vagina and her walls were stretched by his girth.

With a gasp and a yelp, she found herself tightening on his manhood. With each of her small hands on his thighs for support, she was able to savor the feeling of being pierced again, and soon, she proceeds to f*ck herself over his manhood by moving up and down.

While her master was seated low on the throne of bones, with his knees bent and feet flat on the floor, she extends herself forward and rocked back and forth. The feeling of his manhood was too great for her to stay still.

Smack! Smack!

Soon, the sound of wet genitals making contact and muscles hitting against each other resounded in the hall. The maid was quick to ejaculate and her scream echoed as well as she squirmed over his majestic weapon and strong thighs.

After resting on his length a little, she soon realized that her master has not ejaculated once. She realized what he meant by punishment. She was to f*ck herself over his manhood until he felt like releasing his seed.

With gritted teeth, she put strength in her thighs and moved again. This time, she used her full weight to smack against him while tightening herself to the max around his rod. This couldve brought any peasants she knew to beg for mercy and become her slave for eternity…

Smack! Smack!! Smack!!!

However, the more she moved, the more she realized that her master wasn going to release her unless he had enough of her. Just like that, she resigned herself to moving up and down or gyrating her butt at times until she was to go unconscious from the activity and the strain.

She did not know how many times she squirted or cried, all she could remember was that she was to move her lower body until he had enough.

Looking at the struggling maid, the masked man giggled a bit. He quite enjoyed having her haughty and narcissistic energy tamed until she became a submissive slut. She was also getting better and better the more she had sex.

However, that was it.

”Youve done well. ”

The maid at this point did not recognize her masters voice as her mind has become a mess, with her eyes rolling and her tongue sticking out. The only thing she was able to differentiate was the sudden feeling of a very very hot substance coming out of her masters manhood, hitting the insides of her soft mushy walls.

She knew what semen felt like and that was no semen at all!

This hot substance was in fact, her masters urine.

Instead of ejaculating, he relived his need by urinating in her sweet wet insides, as if she was not a human being. The degrading feeling was overwhelmed by satisfaction like nothing ever known, as she understood that her master had enough. Just like that, she passed out on top of her master with her back crouched in front of him and his manhood still pulsing inside of her.

Looking at the passed-out maid who had her body covered in sweat, the man looked at the screen once again.

He was going to send her later, with a few people to bring victoria here. He would like to know what a sheltered young lady tasted like.

Such was his vile nature.

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